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Yaron Gotfried will conduct 25 musicians from the Israeli Plucked String Orchestra, who will join the Israel Chamber Orchestra in a concert celebrating the mandolin in the genre of Ladino music.



The concert, including Israeli and Ladino classics, will feature guest soprano Keren Hadar, and dancers from the Israel Flamenco Ensemble. Some of the Ladino classics to be performed, with a unique twist from the composers and conductors Daniel Akiva and Yaron Gotfried, are la serena, imre kero, adio kerida, and durme durme.

The concert will be performed on Monday, March 12 at 19:00, and Tuesday March 13 at 20:00. Both evenings the concerts will be performed at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

On Tuesday evening, a tour led by Yosi Goldberg and focusing on architectural aspects of the museum will leave at 18:00.

Conductor: Yaron Gotfried

Lead violinists: Elina Gurevich and Ana Dolov

Soprano: Keren Hadar

The Israel Plucked String Orchestra, led by Adiel Schmidt

The pieces that will be played include:

Y. Gotfried: Concerto for two violins

N. Sharif: Concerto Gruso

Corelli: La Folia

Bach: Concerto for violin in A minor

Albeniz: Asturias: adapted for mandolins by Raziel Tsur

B. Ben Moshe: Morning Stars

Manuel De Falla: Three Cornered Hat

Following the Israel Plucked String Orchestra’s 2017 concert tour in Germany, it became part of the first initiative to collaborate between a plucked string orchestra and a philharmonic orchestra (The Reutlingen Philharmonic). Consequently, the Plucked String Orchestra requested pieces from leading Israeli composers: Rami Maalot, Noam Sharif, Boaz Ben Moshe, Haim Parmont, and Josef Bardanashvili. These works blend the voice of the mandolin with the world of classical philharmonics. This led to a series of well-received concerts and calls to continue the iniatiative.

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Photos: Anders Keren-Hadar; Daniel Chechik