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Marcos Ayala arrives with his Tango Company directly from Buenos Aires to Israel for a few performances throughout the country from March 24 to April 5 2018!

A thrilling and swiping performance with hysterical success in the world stages!

Marcos Ayala, one of the best tango dancers in the world, arrives with his Tango Company to Israel. The company includes 12 outstanding and professional dancers, which will appear in Gan Shmuel on 24/3Kiryat Motzkin on 26/3Jerusalem on 28/3, and in Suzanne Dellal Centre (in Tel Aviv) during 1-5/4 in the performance of "Tango in the Shadows", a thrilling and swiping performance with hysterical success in the world stages.

Marcos Ayala, director, choreographer and dancer, advocates novelty and refreshment of this genre on a continuous basis to keep the actuality of the tango along the future generations.

"Tango in the Shadows" is a thrilling theatrical performance and hypnotizing dance carried out with the sound of a sensuous, sexy and exotic music from the streets and bars of Buenos Aires. It's a fiery and sensuous performance with passion and elegance, an opportunity for the public to relate to a dance that sweeps the world. A dance with continuous movement, performed by couples. Men appear with evening suits and polished shoes, and women with high-heel shoes and magnificently designed dresses.

Marcos Ayala was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From young age he started to participate in groups in folk dancing, where he became prominent and notorious as a raising talent. He completed his studies of dancing and became a teacher of Argentinean in the National School of Dance. Besides, he learned techniques of classical, modern, jazz, tango and couple dancing.

In 2006, at 20 years of age, he won the first place in the "World Competition of Tango" in Japan.

In 2010 he organized his tango dance group and started appearing around Argentina and then around the world, where he showed his great technique and his approach in combining modern techniques in tango, and so taking it to new levels. He won the titles "The Tango Discovery" and "The Tango Young Sensation".

In 2015, after completing a tour of performances in USA, the NY Art Critic Organization granted him the ACE award, as appreciation to his contribution to the tango dance field and his meteoric raise.

In 2016 he carried out a tour of appearances in 12 cities in Russia with the performances named "Buenos Aires Tango". These performances were tremendously successful and won enthusiastic comments.

In this way, Marcos Ayala won international appreciation and is currently considered as one of the best tango dancers in the world, who represents the contemporary 21st century tango.

Clip: goo.gl/eMG3eV


As customary in the tango culture, an evening tango dance party named Milonga takes place among the tango performances in Suzanne Dellal Centre in the theater square. Thus, you'll be able to watch at no cost the Milonga experience on March 31, at 8:00 pm in the central square of Suzanne Dellal Centre. The tango dance will be organized by Silvia Rajschmir – free entrance!

The performances throughout the will take place from March 24 till April 5 2018. Bonus and discounts will be provided thru clubs and credit cards.

Ticket price: 259/339 NIS

Benefit code "5050" 1 + 1 (50% off!)

Phone: 03-5105656 

Website: www.sdc.org


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