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In light of the dazzling success of the "Arabesque" Acre Festival for classical Arabic and Andalusian music last year, the festival is being launched once again!
The event will take place throughout the city, between 11- - Attached is a press release and photos for your use.

The event will last for 5 days of live performances by the best artists of the genre - Sarit Hadad, Miri Mesika, the Jerusalem Orchestra and more - http://www.arabesquefestival.com<http://www.arabesquefestival.com/>
This is a very interesting and distinguished music festival, in which Arabs and Jews play together, so does the audience, both Jews and Arabs.
The festival will be held under the general direction of Albert Ben-Shloosh, CEO of Acre Municipality and under the artistic direction of the musician, composer and conductor - Tom Cohen.

According to the Artist, Composer and Conductor of the "Al Maseye Group" – Kamil Sharjawi –
"Music is the language of cultures and peoples, it is the nourishment of the soul and the soul, and it is a language that crosses borders and reduces gaps,
It connects the members of that society and gives us peace that undoubtedly affects our daily behavior in order to build a promising generation that has grown up on the values ​​of brotherhood and honor.
Those who grew up on the love of music will never be able to fight violence, racism, and hate. "

About the "Arabesque" Acre Festival: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OyZi0MOFd4


The Arabesque Acre Festival – 2019

The International Festival of Classical and Andalusian Arabic Music, under the artistic direction of Tom Cohen, will be held for the second year in the Crusader fortress in Old Acre and throughout the city.


The festival will host leading artists from Israel and abroad: Sarit Hadad, Miri Mesika, Jerusalem East and West Orchestra, Firqat El Nour Orchestra, Raymond Abecassis, Mike Karutchi, Violet Salameh, Sanaa Marahati, the "Al-Masaia Orchestra of Nazareth" conducted by Kamil Shagrawi and others.

Arabesque Festival 2019, Acre - Tuesday- Saturday, June 11-15

The Arabesque Festival, the Acre International Festival of Classical and Andalusian Arabic Music, will take place for the second year in the unique city, creating a diverse and historic setting that is thousands of years old, alongside a modern and new landscape. For five days, June 11-15, the festival will feature authentic Arabic and Andalusian music and will give the audience a glimpse of its roots and history, alongside the story of Acre and its residents - Jews and Arabs, secular and religious, new and veteran immigrants who are living together in a shared existence.


The festival, under the artistic direction of Maestro Tom Cohen, will host multiple leading Israeli and international artists in the Crusader fortress in Acre. Alongside diverse music that Mediates disagreements and conflicts, and provides a fruitful and enriching discourse, that focuses on the cultural layer and the common roots.


The Jerusalem Philharmonic Orchestra – "Firqat El Nour", which consists of ultra-Orthodox Jews and Arabs, will open the first evening of the festival (Tuesday, June 11, 20:00). They will host the great diva of Moroccan poetry in Israel, Raymond Abecassis, who is widely admired in Morocco and in Moroccan communities around the world, Mike Karutchi, one of the greatest Moroccan singers in Israel, who was awarded the recognition of the King of Morocco, and the successful poet Moshe Locke. Together they will perform some of the best folk songs from Morocco.


The 20-years-old "Al-Masaia Orchestra of Nazareth", conducted by the virtuoso violinist Kamil Shragawi, who plays innovative adaptations for classical Arabic music with elements from the pop and rock world, will perform on the second night of the festival (Wednesday, 12.6, 20:00). A tribute to the great Lebanese and Syrian singers with the popular singers in the Arab sector - Louis Saruji, Haitham Jishi and Nancy Hawa.


The Jerusalem East and West Orchestra conducted by Tom Cohen, will host a women's poetry performance on the third night of the festival (Thursday, 13.6, 20:00), with Sarit Hadad, Miri Mesika, Violet Salameh - one of Umm Kulthum's most respected performers in the Arab world today, and the beloved Moroccan singer - Sanaa Marahati, which will come especially for the festival. The four giant stars will all sing in Hebrew, classical Arabic, Moroccan Arabic and more.


In addition, the festival will include a master class for the children of the municipal conservatory in Acre, with international kamancheh artist Elad Levy, senior violinist Fadel Manna, and cellist Mayo Shviro. In addition, a symposium entitled "Music and a Shared Culture" will be held under the guidance of Tom Cohen, with the participation of Prof. Taysir Elias, Prof. Joseph Sheetrit and Paul Dahan. Every evening of the festival, there will be street performances of authentic Berber music from Marrakesh, and on Saturday a magnificent "Kabbalat Shabbat" and a Shabbat of prayers and "Piyyutim" with liturgical poets Lior Elmaliach, Yaniv Madar, Sinai Edri, Mordechai Elharar and Moshe Locke in various synagogues in the city.

Mayor of Acre and Chairman of the Arabesque Festival, Shimon Lankri: "We are proud to host the festival for the second year in a row, which already has become a tradition for our city. Acre is a symbol of coexistence hence deserves the most, to be the place that presents the rich contribution of classical Arab and Andalusian music to Israeli culture. The audience that will arrive at the festival will enjoy the city's landscapes, the amazing atmosphere, and the emotional and soul levels that the participating artists will demonstrate in street performances and other activities".


Festival Director - Albert Ben Chelouche: "The second Arabesque festival takes place in the Crusader fortress in Acre and reunites all again, for a celebration of authentic music and sounds that incorporate layers of rich culture in all its components. The sounds that will be performed in Acre during the five days of the festival, are the result of a unique artistic work, weaving its way through all the sounds of Arab and Andalusian music into one big melody that can only exist in Acre. We hope that this celebration will continue to unite people and contribute to the sense of brotherhood because this is the only choice".


Artistic director of Arabesque, Tom Cohen: "We are proud to announce the second edition of this important artistic and cultural festival. This year we will all celebrate together - the residents of the city of Acre along with all the residents of the country and dear guests from abroad - the culture and the traditions shared by all of us and all the neighbors around us, a celebration that is so required to take place in this beautiful and historic city. Happy holiday!".


For more information about the festival's events - click here.


Photo credit Festival Arabesque  Acre – 2019