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Concert :Mario I Blejer’s music SHIR HADASH (New Song) by the Hungarian band Artisans
The concert is the result of a special Hungarian-Israeli-Argentinian collaboration. 
The first part indudes compositions by the Argentine-Israeli Mario I. Blejer, based upon sacred biblical texts and now performed in the interpretation of the band Artisans. In the second part, the band play their own compositions.
Mario I Blejer, a renowned economist, currently a board member of IDB Israel, a formerl president of the Bank of Argentina and professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He started composing ten years ago. He has had concerts in Israel (2018) and Argentina (2019).  
The members of the Artisans (Szakértők), a band from Budapest led by Márton Kovács, are representatives of Hungarian jazz, folk music and contemporary music. The name of the band was proposed by János Mohács, the renowned Hungarian theatrical director, and the members of the band often play together in the performances directed by him.
In the second part, Artisans (Szakértők) play their own theatrical music, the melody and rhythms of which originate from Hungarian, Jewish, Romanian and Gypsy folk music, but due to the many instrumental improvisations and the dramaturgy of each song are also closely related to jazz and contemporary music.
Members of the band Artisans (Szakértők):
Márton Kovács - violin, vocals
Csilla Radnay - flute, vocals
Béla Ágoston - alto clarinet, vocals
Ádám Móser – accordion
Tamás Rozs - vocals, cello
Tibor Bodor, “Teskó” – accordion
Csaba Gyulai - percussion, gadulka

Tickets are available,

for the Jerusalem concert:https: khan.co.il

for the Tel Aviv concert: https://eventbuzz.co.il/lp/event/rm26u  

Photo courtesy of the Hungarian Embassy