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TiqvaMUN 2020 took place on Sunday, February 23, at Ahad Ha’am High School in Petah Tiqva. 140 students, from more than 25 cities and towns around Israel, participated in the conference, themed “War and Peace.”

The delegates debated a range of topics, from Bottom-up peace processes, and rehabilitating military veterans for beginners, to a Model Knesset on the military draft in Israel, and an advanced committee dealing with international humanitarian law. The WHO committee, for grades 5-7, dealt with the corona virus and other contagious diseases.

After a long day of debating, negotiating, writing proposals, and voting on resolutions, the students received their certificates of participation and gathered for the closing ceremony. From the ECOSOC committee, Mias Abo Salih, David Taitevski, and Dana Zbedat received Outstanding Delegate awards, and Lian Said Ahmad was the Best Delegate. In SOCHUM, Sagi Cohen was Outstanding Delegate, and Shahd Abu Raya and Jana Sayed Ahmad were awarded Best Delegate.



In the Model Knesset, Idan Avni was Outstanding Delegate, and Daniel Glassner and Itamar Raviv were Best Delegate. In the Legal committee, Deyar Abu Rahal was the Outstanding Delegate, and Ariel Vincent was Best Delegate. In the WHO, Shahar Eini, Rotem Getraide, May Gold, and Shir Liluz won Outstanding Delegate, and Alma Kostis and Carmel Wiazl received Best Delegate.

Rachel Amrani, Principal of the “Chen” Young Ambassadors school, told Diplomacy that Model UN is just part of the diverse enrichment opportunities offered by the municipality of Petah Tiqva for top students from around the city. “The future of the country rests in the power of the youth, and their ability to handle contemporary challenges-economic, foreign affairs, tourism, etc.” Mrs. Amrani added “We hope that many schools around Israel will join Model UN, and that conferences will only continue to grow around the country.

Hasan Ahmad Massawa, from Al-Andalous high school in Baqa-Al-Garbya, told Diplomacy “I would like to thank my school for giving me the chance to participate in the MUN conference, I really enjoyed it, as well as this experience teaches me how to be a leader and helped me to improve my communication skills.” 


It was the first conference for Karam Abu Arar, a 10th grade student from Nitzanna Neve Midbar high school. Karam explained that “it was very useful for me to get to understand how to debate much better and how can I present myself.” Anas Musa Reaty, from Wadi Al-Neam village, added “I was happy when I went to the first conference of my life and when I met Arab and Jewish students. I gained from this conference how to respect other religions, and the importance of countries to peace.”

Photo credit: Chen Young Ambassadors School of Petah Tiqva


Steven Aiello