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  • Given the current situation worldwide, the Romanian Cultural Institute (RCI) in Tel Aviv adapts its cultural activity to the present realities and will organize, for the next period, the “Romanian Cafe” series of events online, via its official Facebook page.

The next event held within the "Romanian Cafe" online, held in English,  will take place on May 21st,  starting with 17:30 hours, via live streaming on the official Facebook page of RCI Tel Aviv



and on the official YouTube channel of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv


and will include Prof. Dan Michman, researcher at the Museum Yad Vashem, historian Raphael Vago (professor at Tel Aviv University) and Peninah Zilberman, founder of the Tarbut Sighet Foundation and promoter of the preservation of the memory of the victims of the Holocaust in Romania.


To mark 76 years since the deportation of Jews from Maramureș region, RCI Tel Aviv is organizing the online conference "Memory and historical aspects on the Holocaust in Romania", in which Professor Vago will present the general historical framework, making a comparative analysis of the regimes in Romania and Hungary and their respective treatment of Jewish population during the war, while Prof. Michman will talk about the issue of ghettos, in a presentation called "Ghettos, Open Ghettos, Ghettos in Romania, Open Ghettos in Romania: Complexities of History, Memory and Compensation”.


  At the same time, Peninah Zilberman will talk about the work of preserving the memory of the approximately 40,000 Maramureș Jews who lived in the region before the Holocaust, carried out through the Tarbut Sighet Foundation.

Born in Romania, Raphael Vago is the founder of the Center for Russian Eastern European Studies at Tel Aviv University, which he coordinated between 1982-1986. With a doctorate in Romanian-Hungarian relations from 1944-1977, his research interests include the Holocaust and modern forms of Antisemitism, minorities in Europe, post-communist systems, European integration and minorities in Europe. At the same time, he authored numerous articled and conducted several studies.

Professor Dan Michman is the head of the International Holocaust Research Institute and the chair of the Holocaust Study Department. He is also Emeritus Professor of Modern Jewish History and Chair of the Arnold and Leona Finkler Institute of Holocaust Research. He obtained his doctorate with a dissertation on "Jewish Refugees from Germany in The Netherlands, 1933–1940”. He has published numerous books and articles in a variety of languages ​​on the history of Dutch and Belgian Judaism, Israeli society, and especially on various aspects of the Holocaust — historiography, ghettos, elements of Jewish community and religious life, and more. 

Born in Haifa to Romanian parents and Holocaust survivors, Peninah Zilberman, former director of the Holocaust Museum in Toronto, leads an intense activity of educating the general public about the Holocaust in the Maramureș area, through thematic conferences, meetings that bring together descendants of Holocaust survivors in Romania, as well as guided historical tours in Sighetul Marmației, which offers those interested the opportunity to discover traces of the important heritage left by the Jewish community in the area, all organized under the umbrella of the Tarbut Sighet Foundation, which was  founded in 2014.


Photo provided by the Romanian Cultural Institute (RCI) in Tel Aviv