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On Thursday evening, June 8th, the Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv celebrated the National Day of the Russian Federation.

Diplomats from around the world, military attachés and police representatives including Asher Ben Artzi, former Chief Superintendent of the Israel Police, religious leaders, business people and members of the Russian community in Israel alike joined to honor the Russian Federation and its strong bond with Israel and the Jewish people. Attendees were treated to a delicious spread of Russian and Israeli delicacies at the beautiful Dan Panorama Hotel.



Following the recitation of both national anthems, Russia’s ambassador to Israel Alexander Shein and Jerusalem Affairs and Environmental Protection Minister Ze’ev Elkin (Likud) were invited on stage. Mr. Shein addressed the crowd and welcomed everyone to celebrate Russia’s history of international and economic success. Regardless of complicated developments in the international environment, Mr. Shein was proud to say that both countries share “a profound coincidence of interests and values” that leads to an ongoing “mutual enrichment of our people’s cultural heritage.”

Mr. Shein continued by praising the ongoing engagement “in intergovernmental, interparliamentary, economic, public and humanitarian dialogue” between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Vladimir Putin and their respective delegations. He also took care to note positive coordination between both countries regarding the conflict in Syria and the Middle East. He concluded by raising a glass to Russia, Israel and their continued friendship.

Following the address by Russia’s ambassador, Minister Ze’ev Elkin took the stage. Mr. Elkin took time to acclaim more than 25 years of cooperation between Israel and Russia. He continued by acknowledging the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War, and noted that a significant bridge had been built for nearly as long beginning with the former Soviet Union following one of the most important events in Israeli history.

Mr. Elkin concluded by promoting moving the Russian embassy to Jerusalem, and proclaimed to the ambassador that he “cannot help but hope that you and your country will take advantage of the half-year break that the president of the United States has unfortunately taken, and in the next six months, to win the competition between the two powers and beat the Americans to the punch." His comments were met with applause from a supportive audience twice, once when he delivered them in Hebrew, and again when he repeated them in Russian.

The evening was sponsored by a number of companies, including the Sarab group, Petromir, Teva, Mano maritime, the Israeli-Russian Business Council, Rusnano Israel, Alrosa, Triple M Power Plants, and Aeroflot Airlines.

www.Diplomacy.co.il staff join in congratulating the Russian embassy in Israel, the Russian government and the people of Russia on their national day celebration.

Photo: Silvia Golan