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 "Welcome to the world of LGBT (usually the acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender). This time the “T” in the acronym stands for both Transgender and Tech (short for technology). 


British Ambassador to Israel, H.E.  David Quarry, together with his partner Mr. Aldo Henriquez, generously opened their official residence and threw a party attended by some 300 guests, celebrating the LGBTech side of computing, IT, artificial intelligence, Nano technology and more. Among the guests were several diplomats (we spotted El Salvador’s Ambassador Werner Romero), movers & shakers of the LGBT community and of course, technocrats of all stripes and colors. This was the evening to have your cellphone or laptop tuned up instantly!LGBTech is an organization that opens the technical world to everyone, but especially encourages open diversity in the techno workplace. It seems that many LGBT people are afraid to come out as such, and that many employers are afraid (or unaware) of the need for employee equality and diversity. LGBTech covers all the bases.



The event was held in the beautiful garden on a delightful spring evening last week. Guests mingled, chatted, networked, met old friends and made new ones. Buffet serving tables offered a range of dishes, while the bar, needless to say, was a popular meeting place. The hosts greeted everyone on arrival, and afterward mingled in the crowd, making for a fine relaxing evening before the start of the “official” ceremony.


Ambassador Quarry addressed the guests, reminding them that that was the third time the British Embassy has hosted such a reception (together with the main sponsor of the evening, Mercedes Benz). He especially welcomed the guest of honor and keynote speaker, Lord Browne of Madingley, British business leader and former CEO of BP. Mr. Shachar Grembek, the main organizer, and president of LGBTech also spoke briefly, introduced a short video (The “Israel Diversity Standard” - 7 reasons for workplace diversity) and then handed over to Lord Browne, who presented the awards (the main reason for the gathering).


Lord Browne recalled his first visit to Israel, 20 years ago, for the half-century anniversary of the State of Israel. “We’re the same age, “he said and I wanted be here for our mutual 70thbirthday too”. Much applause. He shared his experiences of his own coming out in the very conservative British business community.


The awards, for dedication and commitment to the needs and ideals of Israel’s LGBT community, including small businesses and start-ups, were presented to Mr. Avi Sofer and to Ms. Nina Halevy. Each made a short thank-you speech, acknowledging the honor and recognizing the importance of LGBTech even - or especially - in 2018).


It was a joyous event. Kudos to the Ambassador and Mr. Henriquez and to the British Embassy, for their initiative and generosity. The event was also a launch for another fine LGBTech initiative - raising money to support the Senior LBTQ+ community. An admirable and thoughtful task.


Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/lgbtech/

Photo  Credit: Ben Kelmer