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Master Kobe will arrive to Israel with two KRAV MAGA missions from Brazil in January 7. 2015 – The groups will hold here training and get a close knowledge on the "real Israel".
"Master Kobi Lichtenstein" (so he is being called in the continent), will arrive along with two groups (from his 10,000 of his students) to visit Israel, training the Krav Maga in Historic Places and hearing about its history.

The groups will be training on the top of Masada (a symbol of heroism Jewish history), in the "Wingate Institute", in Tiberias, and will visit Imi Lichtenfeld's grave in Netanya (Imi was the founder of the Krav Maga and the spiritual father of this art).

Kobi Lichtenstein is an Israeli Krav Maga instructor that during the last twenty years became to be the guru of Krav Maga in South America, where he founded the Krav Maga Federation which is recognized as one of the largest unions in Krav Maga and certified by the government and the establishment in Brazil and in most of the continent,

Master Kobi authorized and trained hundreds of instructors and trainers who teach in 17 districts in the continent of South America, Special Forces and elite forces of the army and police security Krav Maga system. South American Federation of Krav Maga. There are now over 150 of Krav Maga training centers, which are scattered across the continent.

Master Kobi proudly points out that in all of the training centers an Israeli flag is located next to the state or province flag (photos attached). Master KobI also mentions that training for Certification (takes about 4 years) includes 30 hours of History of Israel until the establishment of Israel state and its way of everyday survival, through threat of surrounding Arab countries and every day's terrorism threats.


Master Kobi comes every year with a group of instructors and students of Krav Maga from South America to Israel (so far visited with about 1,000 of his disciples in Israel) - "I would like people here know the real Israel on broad views, innovation, modernization and its advanced technology instead of the negative image presenting them through the hostile media ".

Kobi Lichtenstein was born in 1964, in the city of Rechovot, Israel. At the age of three, he began his Krav Maga training with the creator of the art, Imi Lichtenfeld.

Accepted in class only for a trial period, due to his young age, he was quickly approved by his master, who soon "adopted" him. Being renowned as a prodigy, he became notorious to the press at age six. His life was dedicated to Krav Maga, his movements and instincts were shaped by the technique of this art, and at the age of 15, he began teaching his first classes.
He was the one responsible for all the Krav Maga teaching in the central-south region of Israel, therefore, having millions of students. An ex-combatant in the War of 1982, he joined innumerous special missions of the Israeli Army, worked in National Security Services and concluded his MBA in National Security and Terror by the University Hod Hasharon in Israel, with a partnership with Newport University in California.

In 1990, Master Kobi arrived in Brazil with the support of master Imi, with the goal of divulging, spreading, and teaching Krav Maga in South America.
He established himself in Rio de Janeiro and founded the Brazilian Association of Krav Maga, which is recognized by the Secretary of Sports and the Ministry of Education of the Brazilian Government.

During the last twenty years in Brazil, Master Kobi has been graduating instructors who today teach in many gyms in different Brazilian states. He supervises the practice and divulgence of Krav Maga, keeping a high ethical and technical level of his instructors and students, following the suggested steps by his master and creator of Krav Maga.
As a Krav Maga master and a specialist in security, he has already taught courses to several military, police and private security forces. The training for the security business has been reaching excellent results and the courses have been requested by almost all Brazilian states and by countries in South America.

In May 2010, Master Kobe organized the largest international event of Krav Maga, bringing to Rio de Janeiro the main teachers of Krav Maga in the world and bringing together delegations from 28 countries during five days of intense programming, including seminars, lectures, workshops, and cultural event evening of tributes, and still getting the world record for"Greatest lesson in self defense in the world" by the official auditor's of Guinness Records. The grandeur of the event put Rio de Janeiro on the world stage of sport,praised the hospitality and professionalism that drive the work of master Kobi in Brazil in the last 20 years.

The conception of Krav Maga reveals a path that enables anyone to exert their right to life, even with the violence that surrounds us. It is the only fighting technique with a worldwide recognition as an art of self defense and not as a martial art.
There are no rules or competitions, because the techniques envision self-defense in real-life situations. With simple, fast and objective responses to violent daily life situations, it shows the common citizen how to defend himself,