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GPO and with the support of HP (Scitex and Indigo) and PICO Venture Partners invites all photographers of Jerusalem to join to an historic photo challenge in the spirit of worldwide cooperation

International Photo Challenge of Jerusalem - JerusaLENS

 Hosted by: GuruShots , Feb-March 19, 2017


Any photo, any time, from any angle - show “your Jerusalem” to the world

Share it on # JerusaLENS (subject to regulations)





First row: (from the left) Courtesy of Rina Castelnuovo from the curators’ team, Celebrations of the National Institutions building plaza in 1947 from KKL-JNF Photo Archive, From a South Africa national Susan Arnold

Second row: (from the left) Israel/David Oppenheim, Israel/Thehuya Vogel, Italy/Giuseppe Fallica

We are making history by gathering and ranking the largest collection of Jerusalem photos ever.

A total of $10,000 in cash prizes for the first four winners!

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What Israeli leaders are saying about the challenge?

Israeli President Reuven (Rubi) Rivlin: "Jerusalem tells the story of the world, I urge you all to join the challenge, and upload unique photographs of our beloved Jerusalem.

Artistic and aesthetic photographs - especially photographs with a message of unity, which gives personal and emotional expression to our common denominator called Jerusalem."

Jerusalem and Heritage Minister Mr. Ze'ev Elkin: "Our aim in this photo challenge is to uncover forgotten memories and get an exciting encounter of Jerusalem’s history in a frame.

As the Minister of Jerusalem and Heritage affairs for Israel, I hope to see unity and beauty through your personal camera lens. From here on out, it is in your hands. "

Tourism Minister Mr. Yariv Levin: "The Jerusalem Photo Challenge is a great opportunity to expose Jerusalem's multiple beautiful faces. I call on everyone to take photos, upload and vote."

KKL Chairman Mr. Danny Atar: "Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish people from the First Temple until today. For 115 years the Keren Kayemet Leisrael – JNF works to strengthen Jerusalem,

cultivation of its land and strengthen its global status. We are pleased to share photos from the JNF's archives with the JerusaLENS photo challenge, and allow the public to enjoy the beauty of the city, its culture and its people."




JerusaLENS Timeline

The first phase of the Challenge (until Feb 28th, 2017) everyone is welcome to upload their photos of the city, from any period, in any subject to show the many faces of Jerusalem (subject to the terms of GuruShots(.

The second phase (from March 1st until March 19, 2017) everyone is invited to vote for the most beautiful and exciting photos. 
A total of $10,000 in prizes will be split between the 4 top ranked photos by categories (Best photographer, best picture, and the Guru selection). 

First place in the ‘Younger’ (Instagram) photography challenge will win another $500. All prizes are courtesy of JNF-USA.

100 from the top 400 ranked photos will be chosen by curators' team to be shown in an exciting and unique exhibition to be open in spring 2017 at Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem, and later on in other places around the globe.

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Challenge Mentor David Rubinger

Challenge Curators: Rina Castelnuovo, Ziv Koren, Gally Tibon, They will be led by Avi Ohayon.

Entrepreneur and Manager: Alon Wald, Head of Operations, Ammunition Hill, Jerusalem




 1- Rami Wald RIP  fell in the Ammunition Hill batle and his infantil son .Alon ( today Head of Operations ,Ammunition Hill, Jerusalem 


2- President Rivlin historic photo  


 3-  Hebrew Music Museum hpoto by Silvia Golan




Ramy Wald RIP fell in the ammunition hill battle and his infant son.j

Ramy Wald RIP fell in the ammunition hill battle and his infant son.j

Ramy Wald RIP fell in the ammunition hill battle and his infant son.j

Ramy Wald RIP fell in the ammunition hill battle and his infant son.j