150  Holistic Therapists Volunteer Treat Cancer Patients in Hospital's Oncology Department and in Yuri Shtern Holistic Care Center


Yuri Shtern Holistic Care Center, in memory of Yuri Shtern, was established at the initiative of Lena Stern (widow of the late MK Yuri Stern), to honor the memory of MK Yuari Shtern. The foundation operates the Yuri Shtern Holistic Center for Cancer Patients.

The Center provides integrated holistic treatment for individuals dealing with cancer, as well as their families. Every day, 150 qualified therapists come to the oncology department at the Shaare Zedek hospital to provide hospitalized patients alternative medical treatments to help them cope with their disease.


The Center provides alternative medical treatments for a broad population of individuals coping with cancer. Treatments are provided free of charge to hospitalized patients (outpatient or inpatient) and for a minimum fee to family members, at the clinic in Beit Yuri Stern in Jerusalem. These treatments  significantly improve the quality of life of patients struggling with cancer, as well as their families, and help ease the side effects associated with chemotherapy, and radiation.


MK Yuri Stern died of cancer nine years ago. Lena Stern, an expert in alternative medicine, provided him with holistic treatments during the last year of his life. He received an enormous benefit from these treatments, including relief of pain, improved quality of life and overall help in coping with the disease.


After the death of Yuri, the Yuri Stern Foundation was established by Lena Stern and family to raise awareness regarding the benefits of holistic treatments in alleviating the suffering of cancer patients. Today the organization has an agreement with Shaare Zedek hospital, in which 150 certified holistic caregivers offer free treatments at the Center to cancer patients. At the Yuri Stern Center in Jerusalem, patients and their families receive therapy at a nominal price.


Lena Stern - Chairman of Yuri Shtern Holistic Care Center: "We believe that our holistic treatments benefit both mind and body, ease the psychological stress of battling cancer, and therefore increase the chances of recovery.Our team consists of therapists, who are all volunteers, specializing in palliative oncology complimentary medicine. We train, qualify and prepare them to face the challenges inherent in working with cancer patients and their families. In addition, they are provided with ongoing professional counseling and training workshops. our therapist volunteers inspiring dedication, provide more than 8,000 treatments a year for cancer patients and their family members."

"The Center advocates the concept of treating the mind and body in combination and not just the illness itself- she said."  


The Yuri Shtern Fund and Holistic Care Center is supported by donations and grants.

On November 1, the Center will hold a special fundraising evening in conjunction with the Batsheva Ensemble at the Jerusalem Theater with their special show called "Dkhdans" by Ohad Naharin. The event will be dedicated to continuing the activity of the Center to treat cancer patients. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat will honor the event with his presence.



Contact information for any possible cooperation:

Aviva Shwartz 

Tel: 052-3244769 or 03-6419030

 Photo provided by Aviva Shwatz 
Credit Photo Yehudit Arpaz






The Yuri Shtern Holistic Care Center is registered as a nonprofit organization - all donations received are recognized for tax purposes in accordance with Section 46 of the Income Tax Law.

Holistic Center website: https://www.facebook.com/HolistiCenter


We would appreciate you for any cooperation and assistance that can help us continue the running of this important project.