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Launch of the KKL-JNF Center for Water Sensitive Cities in Israel


KKL-JNF inaugurates The Center for Water Sensitive Cities in Kfar-Saba


Thursday, June 9th, Geler Center, Kfar-Saba, KKL-JNF officially inaugurated its Water Sensitive Cities Center and research project for the study and development of sustainable and livable urban environment through innovative water management.


The Center for Water Sensitive cities is a unique platform, cooperating with Monash University in Melbourne and headed by KKL-JNF, in collaboration with the Hebrew University, the Technion and Ben-Gurion University, including municipalities such as Ramla, Kfar-Saba and Bat-Yam.


The goal, as presented by its researchers during the ceremony, is to incorporate strategic governmental ministries, Authorities, corporations and other industries in order to study and develop sustainable and livable urban water environmentsshaped in the context of Israeli specific physical, climactic and social needs.


Australia is an innovator in the field of Bio-filtration of rain water, KKL and JNF Australia cooperate with Monash University, Melbourne, to install and develop bio-filter systems in Israel and aboard. Ms. Cheryl Batagol, Chairman of the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities in Australia, which supports the center, congratulated KKL-JNF for the development of the center and acknowledged the challenges KKL-JNF and its personal encounter.


The project center is a major step forward as previously bio-filters were used just in the municipal level, the center will allow to develop more technologies and methods in order to adapt to different geographical and environmental locations across Israel, later being able to implement the technologies globally.


Dr. Haim Messing, Project Director and KKL Director of central region said: "Another important stepping stone has been passed today towards regulating a water price drop for consumers, as the international academic Center for Water Sensitive Cities was inaugurated in Israel."


The event today was concluded with a visit to the Kfar-Saba Bio-filter facility and commentary by Dr. Yaron Zinger, the Research Center Director, who stated the potential of the center to expand to the national level.



A Water Sensitive City adopts and integrates decentralized and centralized water management solutions to provide water security in both water-poor and water-abundant futures, to preserve healthy aquifers and urban streams, to improve urban climates and landscapes, and to reduce the city’s carbon footprint.