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By launching the rockets from positions within the civilian population of Gaza, the terror organizations are committing a double war crime: the targeting of Israeli civilians while using their own civilian population as human shields. ‎


Following sniper attacks on Israeli soldiers that took place yesterday (Friday, 3 May 2019), wounding of two IDF officers, the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror organizations initiated today (Saturday, 4 May) a massive ‎rocket attack of over 430 rockets that were launched on Israeli towns and villages in southern Israel. Several Israeli civilians were injured in the attacks, including one fatality. The shelling also caused severe damage to homes and property.


In response to the rocket attacks, the IDF targeted terror facilities belonging to the Islamic Jihad and ‎Hamas terror organizations in the Gaza Strip, destroying dozens of terror targets including an Islamic Jihad terror tunnel from Rafah, rocket launchers, underground weapons manufacturing facilities and terror ‎training bases.


The rockets were launched from positions within the civilian population of Gaza. The terror organizations are thus committing a double war crime: targeting Israeli civilians on the one hand while using their own population as a human shield on the other.


Both terror organizations, Hamas and Islamic Jihad (which acts as an Iranian proxy), are acting against the interests of the residents of the Gaza Strip and are the main barrier to the peaceful ‎development of the Gaza Strip. Hamas, which also receives direct support form Iran, ruthlessly rules the Gaza Strip and bears full responsibility for any attack. This murderous regime holds the residents of the Gaza Strip captive and endangers their lives.


Israel’s Iron Dome anti-rocket system was activated dozens of times on Saturday to intercept the barrage of rockets launched at Israeli communities from Gaza. Israel will continue to do its utmost to defend its citizens and ensure their security against the aggression of the terror organizations controlling the Gaza Strip.‎


Scenes of destruction in Israeli towns in the wake of the rocket attacks from Gaza. Photo: IDF Spokesperson.