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The Israel Ministry of Defense Reveals a Breakthrough in Laser Technology 

The Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D), at the Israel Ministry of Defense reveals that a technological breakthrough has been achieved in the development of lasers for the interception of RAM threats, UAVs, and ATGMs


Head of the Directorate of Research and Development in the DDR&D, Brig. Gen. Yaniv Rotem: “We are entering a new age of energy warfare in the air, land and sea. The R&D investments made by the DDR&D in the last years have placed the State of Israel among the leading countries in the field of high-energy laser systems. Throughout the year 2020 we will conduct a demo of our capabilities.” 



Today (08.01.2020), the DDR&D in the Israel Ministry of Defense reveals its investment in laser technology, which has led to the technological breakthrough that will enable the development of platforms to intercept a variety of threats. Based on high-energy lasers, this technology will prompt a strategic change in the defense capabilities of the State of Israel. 


As a result of the aforementioned technological breakthrough, the DDR&D has launched three programs for the development of high-energy laser demo systems in cooperation with defense industries, Rafael and Elbit Systems:


  • Development of a demo ground-based laser system to complement the capabilities of the Iron Dome (an additional layer to the air defense array)
  • Development of a maneuver platform-mounted laser system to defend troops in the field 
  • Development of a laser demo system mounted on an air platform to intercept threats above cloud covers and for the defense of wide areas 



Advantages of interception via high-energy lasers:


  • Continuous use at a low cost 
  • Higher effectiveness as a result of the use of two different and complementary technologies - kinetic air defense (via systems such as the Iron Dome), and laser platforms
  • Efficient management and decrease in the number of interceptors used 
  • Potential to intercept a variety of threats such as UAVs, drones and guided rockets in the future


Over the years, the DDR&D has invested considerable efforts in advancing powerful laser technology. Many developments, both from Israel and abroad, have been tested and proven to be ineffective. Significant achievements have recently been made as a result of the collaboration between the DDR&D, defense industries (Rafael and Elbit Systems) and academic institutions. These achievements were made possible by the development of electric source laser systems, in replacement of chemical laser technology.



The technological breakthrough is based on the precision of the laser beam. Using the new technology, the defense establishment has succeeded in precisely focusing the beam on long-range targets, including overcoming atmospheric disturbances. This technology enables the development of highly effective operational systems that will serve as an additional layer of defense to secure the State of Israel by air, land and sea.


Head of the RD Directorate Brig Gen Yaniv Rotem.

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