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KKL-JNF cooperates with the Australian embassy to clean the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret)

Sunday, September 18, Australian ambassador in Israel, Dave Sharma, Embassy staff and their families, KKL-JNF volunteers, about 150 Australians youngsters and Kinneret Authority advocacy teams - mobilized to clean the Kinneret Municipal Association ("Igud Arim") Zinbari beach. The event took place in the framework of the international clean-up day that KKL-JNF has been leading for the last 16 years
KKL-JNF Australia, Australian embassy in Israel, Kinneret Municipal Association Zionist Federation of Australia has cooperated for the “international clean-up day” joining them are 150 Australian youngsters who are in Israel as part of an Australian youth movement. The teens, escorted by the diplomatic and professional embassy staff, Kinneret Municipal Association team and KKL-JNF workers and volunteers, worked and labored under the hot sun to clean up the beach in favor of one goal - to protect the environment in which we live in. The participants made sure to separate garbage in order to recycle into friendly bags (Brown paper for garbage, Blue for plastic garbage, green for organic garbage, white for general garbage). It is important to note that the cleaning teams had been surprised to find fairly clean beaches.
KKL-JNF Chairman, Danny Atar, welcomed the activities and said: "keeping the environment and natural resource is part of KKL-JNF DNA; our goal in the International Day is to educate the young generation to be responsible and caring of the environment, to ensure a greener and cleaner environment for the current and future generation. It is not the first year that the Australian Embassy has joined the efforts, and I am thankful and appreciative of such, together we show that the environmental interest knows no boundaries".
At the end of the activities, the Australian ambassador in Israel, Dave Sharma, said: "the international clean-up day initiative, which started initially in Australia, has become an international tradition, I am proud for that. Each and every one of us needs to treat the environment the same as one does its own home. Our home is not the street or city in which we live, but planet Earth, the responsibility is international, crossing borders and countries, only together in cooperation, can we protect our planet. 100 years ago Australian soldiers fought right here against the Ottoman Empire to liberate the country, and now, Australian youngsters are here to safe keep and preserve it."
The Kinneret Authority congratulated the Ambassador for his engagement with the teens and noted that by joining forces and pushing the concept into the public awareness, we can keep the Kinneret, in particular, and the environment, in general, clean. Yael Sela, Education and Community Department Manager in the Kinneret Authority noted: "during the months of July-August the National Lake was attended by about 760 thousand visitors. Regardless of these amounts, "Igud Arim Kinneret" preserved the cleanliness and order thanks to well-planned and executed activities, advocacy teams in the beaches and clean-up crews. We feel the change in the Israeli vacationer who safeguards the environment more and as a result, both the Ambassador and the volunteers found clean beaches today. We will continue to raise awareness of the importance of guarding the environment and the purity of water sources."
The clean-up activities mark the opening of Australia week in Israel (OZRAELI) that celebrates the diplomatic-cultural-social cooperation between the two States, and continue in a line-up of events during the week.



International cleanup day background
Clean up the World organization was established in 1993 in Australia, and operates under the sponsorship of the UN Environmental Program (UNEP), and is currently the biggest environmental safekeeping organization in the world. During the International cleanup day activities, 40 Million people from 120 states around the world will note the occasion.
Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael – Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) joined the organization in the year 2001, and followed to lead the international cleanup day in Israel, which turned, now in its 16th year, into the biggest event including thousands of volunteers taking part in the different clean-up activities in open areas and inside cites. It is also executed in cooperation with the Union of Local Authorities in Israel and the Center of Regional Councils.


Pictures:  (Photo Credit: Michael Huri - KKL-JNF, Photo Caption: KKL-JNF, Australian Embassy and teens cleaning-up and collecting garbage at the Kinneret w\ Australian Ambassador, Dave Sharma).