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 International Women's Day was celebrated this year in the MAUSNER fashion house with a display of respect, love and appreciation for Israeli women.

"This year we are proud to launch the 2017 summer collection synchronized with International Women's Day, and for a good reason" remarked Rivka Mausner, the principal designer and the co-owner. "We praise the achievements of brave women throughout history, and choose to indicate in this manner our contribution to the development of women’s fashion and implementation of women’s style, especially with the launching of the 2017 summer collection.

This collection pays homage to Israeli women’s fashion, and to 42 years of Mausner as an industry leader in women’s fashion.





The meticulous choice of high-quality fabric, precise sewing, exceptional product completion capabilities, the use of unique printing techniques and abundant details, was made possible thanks to the transfer of the production department to the east. The design, meticulous supervision in each stage of the production and the previously limited number of versions remain, as integral parts of MAUSNER's identity.


The collection is a tribute to the mythological divas Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy, who became the muses of the fashion designers and sources of inspiration. The location corresponds thoroughly to the spirit and nostalgia carried by the collection. The days are the 50's and 60's of the last century, in which they appreciated women's curves, where women's power was expressed just by their softness


The collection items show the harmony of a strong and secure femininity along with softness and romance. This harmony defines well the work of the crew in charge of photographing the collection. The styling, makeup and hair combing are a masterpiece perfectly synchronized with the collection items.


A bit about the collection

MAUSNER presents the romantic femininity of the 2017 summer


This year, the top MAUSNER brand presents an especially interesting collection with a romantic twist: competition, impressionistic water printing, naïve art motifs. Embroideries and ample details were successfully combined to achieve a consolidated and rich collection of the MAUSNER fashion house.


On this season's "menu"

Lace vests, sexy dresses, skirts made of rich cloth, jackets with tailored pattern, pants that contrast with the shoes in a form that creates both interest and "tension" at the meeting point, classical drill pants made of cotton cloth combined with Lycra with significant investment in details, tricot shirt combining lace with prints, uncommon embroidery with drawings, and oversized skirt pants! And, for "dessert": scarfs made of viscose fabric.


Inspiration: The 3 immortal divas Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy.

Categories: Tailored inspired by Sophia Loren, with sexy wink, narrow dresses, lace dresses, skirts with matching tailored lace jackets and unique vests.

Grace Kelly: Oversized items in their upper parts with narrow skirts.

Jacqueline Kennedy: stylish tricot shirts with chiffon sleeves, sexy laces for the evening hours, and tricot shirts with 2-dimensional petals.


The 60's: Water colors, drill trousers, A-line skirts, long trousers, 7/8 trousers, skirt-pants.

Marina style: MAUSNER's freedom fashion: airy jeans, tricot shirts combined with laces, and shirts with prints inspired by the water world.


Capsule collection: Yasmin Mausner Kotlicki, vice CEO and daughter of the Mausner couple, provides a surprise this season with the unique capsule collection for small-size women. This differs from the rest of the collections that include plus-size measurements. The capsule collection designed by Yasmin is intended for women with Yasmin's lean body build, generally called PETITE.


Versions for collectors only: These versions are limited! Only the first buyers will get them!

Measures: Upper parts s-xl, lower parts 36-46, dresses s-xl.

Prices: Overalls 999, jackets 699-999, shirts 269-499, skirts 499-599, tunics 699, pants 569-679, vests 399-899, scarfs 149-299, dresses 699-1199.


Available in MAUSNER's boutique chain with national distribution.





Website: www.mausner.co.il


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MausnerFashion


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mausner_fashion



Photos by Dvir Cahlon