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Tel Aviv Eat presents three evenings of tastings and workshops featuring the region’s leading restaurants and most prominent chefs. Entrance is free (including the chefs’ demonstrations), and tasting portions range in price from NIS 20-35. Doors open each evening at 18.00. There are several performance stages, live music, and stands selling beer.


Participating restaurants
Yafo-Tel Aviv, Manta Ray, Vong, Texas BBQ, Captain Curry, The Blue Rooster, Vicky Cristina, Dixie/Philadelphia, Pronto Kiosko, Nini Hachi, David and Yosef, Supra, Agadir, Mexicana, Cafe Al-Noor, Pundak de Luxe, Aria, Silo

Booths serving “street food”
Fauchon, Gordos, Tash and Tasha, Bayern Sausages, Ze Sushi, Dim Sum, Cookeez, Iceberg Ice Cream, Kampai, Acai, Trax de Luxe, Breton Creperie, Yatai, Shi-Shi, Taverna Express

Market stalls
Halva Kingdom, Basher Cheeses, Gan Ha’ir fruits, Passion Fruit Man, Ravit Galitzki chocolates, Hook smoked meats

Schedule of chef demonstrations (in Hebrew)

Tuesday, 23.5

18.00 - Jonathan Roshfeld (Captain Curry)
19.30 - Anna Olson (visiting pastry chef from Canada) (in English)
21.30 - Guy Peretz

Wednesday, 24.5

19.30 - Liron Berger (Vong)
21.30 - Shaul ben Aderet (The Blue Rooster)

Thursday, 25.5

19.30 - Ronen Skinezes (Manta Ray)
21.30 -Yahaloma Levy (Yahaloma Levantine kitchen)


Photo  Silvia G Golan