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A new startup offers an improved viewing experience in a public screening, at any time and place, in different languages and at the convenience of viewers.

Muvix, a new startup, was established to reinvent the social experience of watching movies outside of the home. Using technological innovations and a unique business model, Muvix offers its customers an endless array of ways to screen and watch movies, TV shows, sporting events, shows, lectures and more in an enjoyable, high-quality fashion.

The company, which is also appealing to organizations and business groups, allows its customers to publicly screen multiple programs simultaneously, in an innovative and improved viewing experience anytime, anywhere--whether indoors, or under the open sky. Among the possibilities: viewing parties at the beach, rooftop parties, or anywhere a customer chooses--including at the Muvix concept center in Tel Aviv. Like Netflix transformed home viewing, Muvix will transform outdoor viewing.



In order to provide the public with a taste of its unique viewing experience, Muvix is launching its Muvix Concept station as a model for future stations to be developed around the world. The center, which will be housed in the restored train station in Neve Tsedeq, Tel Aviv, is the first in the world to offer movies on-demand in a public space. The center will include 14 viewing rooms of varying sizes, from rooms for couples to rooms for 14 people, including rooms with double beds, and a family room with multiple screens. The seating areas are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. Renowned interior designer Alona Eliasi designed the rooms.

In each individual room, customers will enjoy a quality viewing experience, in the preferred language of the viewer. The center also includes a fully equipped bar and kitchen, offering a rich menu of food and beverages, including alcohol. Snacks ordered via the Muvix application are then delivered directly to the viewing room. Under chef Shahar Barnea, the menu includes pizza, foccacia, sandwiches, cheese and antipasta platters, as well as snacks such as nachos, popcorn, ice cream and more, with all food prepared onsite. The bar includes a variety of cocktails and other beverages. There are package deals which include food and drink with the entrance fee.

Prior to arrival, customers should download the Muvix app, via which one is able to hear the movies (with high-quality clarity). The app also enables purchasing tickets, ordering food and drinks, inviting friends, and other features. If needed, customers can also borrow headphones and other necessary devices at the center.

Muvix was established by Alon Cohen, founder and CEO of CyberArk, with the goal of creating a global viewing revolution. The company uses patented technology to ensure perfectly synchronized audio and visual signals, and to allow high-quality, simultaneous viewing of diverse media by different groups in the same space, creating a new viewing experience (movie-on-demand in a public space).

The space used during the trial period is a quiet location ideal for families and corporate visits. The center has just opened to the public, and is open Thursday-Saturdays, 18:00-22:00 or until the end of the final movie (approximately midnight). Ticket prices during this period are 20 NIS, which includes complimentary cocktail.

Nitai Barzem, Muvix CEO:

Muvix’s innovative platform provides a new media channel which can transform the public space, indoors or out, into a smart theater showing multiple channels simultaneously, with incredible quality and without interference to viewers or neighbors. People love the social and communal experience and want to get out of the house, and Muvix enables a wide array of new and enticing viewing options for individuals and groups. We invite you to come experience Muvix for yourselves.

Muvix Concept
Thursday-Saturday, 18:00-22:00, until screenings end
Ticket price (for the current period): 20 NIS
Located in the First station compound, Kaufman and corner of Mered streets, Tel Aviv, above the Greg Cafe
For the company site click here. Tel: 03-6909470
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photo  Silvia Golan