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A senior delegation from Tanzania, headed by Dr. Aloyce Nzuki, Permanent Secretary Ministry for Natural Resources and Tourism, arrived in Israel for a series of meetings and events designed to increase cooperation with the Israeli tourist industry, and encourage Israeli tourism and investments to enchanted, exotic Tanzania.

A press conference was held Yesterday in Tel Aviv with Dr. Nzuki and Devota K Mdachi, Managing Director of the Tanzania Tourist Board. The new ambassador of Tanzania in Israel, Mr Daudi Job Masima also participated at the event. Mr Masima is the first ambassador of Tanzania in Israel. He will get his credential this Thursday from the president of Israel, Mr Reuven (Rubi) Rivlin. Mr Kasbian Nuriel Chirich, Tanzania’s Honorary Consul in Israel, is the man behind the visit. He initiated and promoted the delegation’s arrival to increase Israeli tourism to Tanzania and Tanzanian tourism to Israel, which is on the rise, consisting mainly of Christian pilgrims. In 2016 - 22,967 Israeli tourists visited fascinating Tanzania compared to 7,403 tourists in 2014 and 14,754 in 2015.

The secret of Tanzania’s magic lies in the fact that it is a paradise for nature lovers. Located in East Africa, it boasts 16 National Parks, 31 Game Reserves, 44 Game Controlled Areas, 4 Ramsar Sites, 33 Wildlife Management Areas. The country features a breathtaking array of landscapes, including volcanoes and snow-capped mountains, lakes, savannahs, marshlands, rain forests, and more. Some of the world’s largest lakes, including Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika, and Lake Nyasa, are located within Tanzania’s 945,087 square kilometers. It is not coincidence that Tanzania has become one of the most popular destinations for Israelis traveling to Africa. It has a unique culture, natural riches, beautiful and exciting nature reserves, and the islands of Zanzibar.

More than 4 million wild animals representing over 430 different species make Tanzania their home, so that Tanzania has the highest concentration of animals per square kilometer on earth. These 430 species are spread cross tens of thousands of square kilometers of heart-stopping natural beauty in amazing nature reserves. In fact, Tanzania is the only nation in the world to have declared one-quarter of its land for Wildlife Conservation. The largest reserve in Africa – the Selous Game Reserve, spread over some 55,000 square kilometers, or twice the size of Israel – is located in Tanzania. And 10 percent of the world’s lion population can be found in Tanzania, the highest concentration of lions anywhere on the globe.

Israelis who want to visit must be issued a visa. There are direct flights from Israel to both mainland Tanzania and the island of Zanzibar, especially during holidays; only a six-hour flight separates the two countries. Connections are always available through Addis Ababa with Ethiopian Airlines.

From right to left: Kasbian Nuriel Chirich, Tanzania’s Honorary Consul in Israel, The new ambassador of Tanzania in Israel, Daudi Job Masima, Devota K Mdachi, Managing Durector of the Tanzania Tourist Board and Dr. Aloyce Nzuki, Permanent Secretary Ministry for Natural Resources and Tourism.
Photo Courtesy: Hagit Shalev.