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Soon winter is over. Thick coats and sweaters will go to the upper shelves, and in its place it will be possible to place the elements of the collection for the spring-summer 2018 of GOLBARY , the leading women's fashion chain in Israel


The new collection is a perfect response to the lifestyle of the modern Israeli woman, a woman who pays attention to herself, her femininity and strength, and shapes her wardrobe accordingly. This is the woman of multitasking: a woman who combines career and family, and finds a modern response to the various fields that occupy her life: work, home, business and social events.


The collection includes elements that are suitable for every hour of the day: informal work clothes, which convey a relaxed and meticulous atmosphere, lighter clothing for the evening hours and elegant and impressive items for the night. The items in the collection are characterized by high quality fabrics, rich in floral and geometric prints.


Among the items in the collection are shirts, tunics, embroidered and printed dresses, unique overalls and jackets. Adapted to the climate of the country, there is a spectacular and wild line, which is reflected in coral and black colors, on the shoulders and arms, by exposing the shoulders and daring evening dresses. There is no spring and summer without romance in the air, and the elements correspond to it with lace fabrics, bell sleeves and pastel blue.

Golbary also presents flattering cuts, thanks in part to the intelligent use of unique finishes, stretch fabrics. There is everything in the collection to be included in the category of Israeli haute couture.


The Golbary Spring-Summer 2018 collection has four main trends:



GARDEN Collection

We said spring and summer: we received flowers, which correspond to the flowering atmosphere that surrounds us. The floral trend is expressed in a variety of items: large flower prints on shirts and dresses, as well as pants. Large red and pink flowers, placed on black schifon and cotton, give each garment a wild and sexy appearance. The romantic atmosphere prevails when you see jeans embroidered with white flowers, or dresses adorned with large blue flowers. One of the gems of the floral trend in the spring-summer of 2018 is articles with impressions of birds. Wild and exotic: that's the name of the game.


MIDNIGHT Collection

The collection of evening gowns is particularly impressive. The items are made of lurex, satin, schifon, the dominant black color gives them a dramatic and sensual feeling. In the collection there is a shiny black dress up to the knee, a black dress with black lace and pleated, a long and shiny black dress with a slit on one side that reaches to the knee. You cannot help but exclaim in admiration as you wear your long black overalls, which emphasizes your shoulders with lace in the right place. Add black heels and then get the right look that's right for a cocktail party of business leaders.


DAY TO NIGHT Collection

The items of the DAY TO NIGHT collection can be used both in the morning and at night. Once is to use the item with shoes and feel comfortable and loose. Again it's the same item, but this time with high heels and red lipstick, and you immediately get an elegant look.


RED Collection

Variety of articles in which the red color dominates. In this season in Golbary they emphasized the strong coral color, which finds its expression in the elements that create an attractive appearance. Nobody can ignore red objects: light dresses, vests and shirts, can be combined with jeans and red shoes, red overalls or pants leaving space to emphasize high-heeled shoes.



The impressive accessories department of GOLBARY offers, as every season, complementary items for each situation that improve the appearance.

The accessories, harmonize with the clothing collection, eclectic and fascinating, and among the many items you can find bracelets, rings, rings and necklaces in different styles. Next to them there are fine handkerchiefs that are suitable for summer temperatures and a variety of impressive bags.

One of Golbary's announcements in the ACCESSORIES niche for the spring of 2018 are hats: straw hats and light canvas, decorated with gathers, pompoms, strings or phrases like MADE FOR THE BEACH. Wear the hat, feel the atmosphere of the holidays and enjoy a free and happy summer.


In addition, GOLBARY launches a collection of perfumes with four new fragrances that will be adapted to the Israeli summer: VOYAGE, FLEUR ROUGE, GLITTER and DIAMOND. Fragrances with romantic aromas, combining floral and fruity elements, with a sweet and soft aroma.


Measures: 36-46



Head of design: Jacob Golbary




 Photos Silvia G. Golan