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WrinkX: Launched by 'The Secret of Youth'

 "The Secret of Youth" is an Israeli company specializes in the development and production of naturally based dermo-cosmetic products for the skin. The active ingredients are derived from fresh fruits and vegetables grown in Israel based on a knowledge that has been preserved for thousands of years. "The Secret of Youth" is now launching a new anti-aging product named WrinkX.


WrinkX is designed for anyone who feels a decrease in the vitality of their facial skin and wants to stimulate their overall appearance. WrinkX will help them regain a fresh healthy look and avoid any negative feelings and lack of confidence associated with a more worn-out look. This unique formula for skin rejuvenation enhances the most important business card, our face, to give it a new vigorous look that complements our vibrant interior instead of sending a message of fatigue that affects the way the environment perceives us.



The active ingredients in the formula penetrate the epidermis deeply and are excellent at filling the skin gradually until the finer lines are blurred and the skin gains a smoother appearance. Thus, the product is particularly suitable for people aged 30-60 who will find it effective in maintaining a young, essential look with the onset of the first signs of aging.


The significant advantage of the product is that it contains natural ingredients that are suitable for a wide range of skin types. The cream is intended for daily use and the results are immediately apparent, and more significantly within a short period of two to four weeks contributing to the improved radiant appearance and vibrant skin.

The cream comes in a luxurious stylish package for home as well as in a smaller TO GO version, suitable for carrying in a makeup kit or handbag as you go about your daily affairs.



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Photos by Silvia Golan