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A veteran professional Israeli hair products company has just launched a new hair-straightening product, the first of its kind in Israel for self-use at home.

The new product, named 'Silk Keratin' has just been approved by the Ministry of Health. The product is Keratin based and does not contain formaldehyde or any other toxic or carcinogenic substances. It also does not burn or damage the hair. The product is manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices. The consumer price is 150 NIS and the amount is sufficient for two straightening treatments. The product is available at the new 'Be' drugstore chain of Shufersal.

Vitamins, until recently, produced and sold hair products only to professional hairdressers. With this new product, it is expanding its reach to consumers who are seeking to treat their hair at home. The treatment duration of the home-treatment is similar to the duration at the barbershop. It is recommended to perform the treatment at home in the company of a friend to help follow the instructions, which you can also see on their video.

The Keratin based product can also be used on hair that has already undergone chemical treatments such as hair dyes and prior hair-straightening treatments. The result is very smooth hair. The durability of the straightening result depends on the type of hair type, hair growth rate and environmental exposure of each customer. The product has a pleasant aroma and is sold in a kit that also contains a mask for hair nourishment following treatment.




A simple calculation of the money saved by this product compares the price of a single hair-straightening treatment at the barbershop that ranges between 800-1000 NIS to a single treatment (half a pack) with the Vitamins 'Silk Keratin' product that costs 75 NIS.


Vitmins has been working internationally in the professional arena since 1943 as a company specializing in hair products. The company develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of hair, scalp and skin care products. Vitamins products are based on the high-quality raw materials and are manufactured using advanced technologies that enable the maintenance of the quality of the materials and the production of products that help restore hair and preserve a younger and healthier appearance.

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Photo  Silvia Golan