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Zuk Avraham, Founder and Chairman of 'Zimperium' at Cybertech 2017: "We will allocate 1.5 Million dollars to open a new program for researchers, scientists and communication companies that will enrich the knowledge gathered on mobile attacks"

Zuk Avraham made this announcement today at the second largest cyber conference in the world at the Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center, Pavilion 2,

Tel Aviv.

Participants in Cybertech, closing today, included heads of state, senior global cyber industry decision-makers and officials from the Cyber industry.

Yitzhak Zuk Avraham opened his speech by describing the main current challenge he identifies: Everyone is talking about IoT security, but we need to put things into perspective. The real threat today is right inside our pockets- a 24/7 active microphone and camera, a continuously transmitting and always available device, without adequate protection- the real danger is in our cellphones. Why aren’t there enough companies providing mobile protection? This is a complex market with high entry barriers. Providing protection solutions is a complicated task." Zuk Avraham is the Founder and Chairman of 'Zimperium', a San Francisco based company that has raised millions of dollars, with the majority of its investors from Japan".


Avraham also declared that 'Zimperium' will open a new program designated for researches, scientists and communication companies designed to enrich and expend the knowledge gathered regarding mobile attacks. The company has appropriated 1.5 Million dollars to establish the data base that will in turn help enhance the company's computer learning capabilities: "we will acquire programs that have proven themselves efficient to learn more about different local and global attacks that occurred that will improve the abilities of our platforms. We will have an open code that we'll share with the community so that people will be able to learn how to handle malfunctions and develop the knowledge in the field".   


Cybertech 2017 Conference, held for the fourth year in Israel at Pavilion 2 of the Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center on January 30th - February 1st is the second largest conference and exhibition of cyber technologies in the world. Cybertech, bringing together leading investors, entrepreneurs and cyber companies, consists of a conference with prominent international speakers in the field of cyber security, as well as an exhibition hosting over 250 companies and 100 startups presenting innovative problem-solving strategies and solutions to challenges relevant for a wide range of sectors.


Photo Credit: Gilad Kavalerchik