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Pursuant to its meeting last Thursday, the Corona Cabinet yesterday afternoon (Friday, 30 October 2020), before the start of Shabbat, in a conference call, approved the detailed regulations as submitted by the Health Ministry:

* It will be possible to hold training and competitions for competitive athletes, children and youth, and in swimming and motor sports, for adults as well.

* It will be possible to hold driving lessons subject to the instructions for traveling in a private vehicle – a driver and up to two passengers in the vehicle.

* It will be possible operate social affairs institutions and additional social services enumerated in article 11b of the law, that are not solely for essential social care. This amendment will, inter alia, allow the operation of services in the context of 'day centers and senior citizens clubs' and services to counteract loneliness designated for senior citizens including those who are not in social service frameworks operated by local councils, as well as libraries for the blind.

* It shall be permitted to operate a venue for training or competition for professional and competitive athletes.

* In addition to the operation of nature reserves and national parks, it shall also be permitted to operate open spaces at heritage sites and antiquities sites.

* B&B's: It shall be possible to operate a lodgings compound with up to four completely separate guest units, with each unit serving people who live together only. Operating a lodgings compound in a manner that contravenes these conditions constitutes an offense the fine for which will be NIS 5,000.

* It will be possible to operate places for providing non-medical treatment to the human body such as barbershops/hair salons, beauty treatments and cosmetics, as well as complementary medical care, subject to the conditions determined in the regulations, including the requirement of advance coordination. Included herein are treatments such as riding therapy, mental or emotional therapies and use of therapeutic pools.

* Areas for screening drive-in films may be operated.

* Prayers: Up to 10 people shall be allowed in structures and up to 20 people in open areas. It should be emphasized that the foregoing means prayers only. Prayers in a house of worship by more people than is permitted constitutes a criminal offense (the fine for which is NIS 500 for each person present).

* Events such as weddings, parties, organized trips or ceremonies may be held with up to 10 participants in structures or 20 participants outside.

* Organizing or participating in events such as sporting events, conferences, festivals or entertainment and arts shows are prohibited.

* Persons operating public, commercial and private venues are prohibited from holding forbidden events; people providing services (such as photography, catering, music, lighting and infrastructures) shall likewise be barred from providing services for a forbidden event or an event in which the number of participants shall exceed that which is permitted. Violating this directive is subject to a fine of NIS 5,000.

* Persons operating public or commercial venues, the entry to which is to be coordinated or is by advance invitation shall be obligated to keep information in order to deliver it if necessary in order to carry out an epidemiological test (such as places for providing non-medical or complementary medical treatments on the human body).

These regulations shall be valid until 14 November 2020.

These regulations shall take effect at 06:00 tomorrow (Sunday, 1 November 2020). The regulation regarding limits on events and possible criminal offenses shall take effect at 14:00 tomorrow. The regulation regarding operation of a training venue for competitive or professional athletes shall take effect today (Saturday, 31 October 2020).