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Silvia Golan - Executive Director & Director of Public Relations

Silvia holds an M.A from the University of Buenos Aires in the field of Sociology and is a prominent member of both the Tel-Aviv Journalist Association and the Israeli National Public Relations Association. Golan speaks six languages.

Golan was honored with a 'Certificate of Journalistic Excellence' in December 2009  and  " Product of the Year 2015 "

For the last 28-years, Silvia has been involved with both the Diplomatic and Journalistic community not only in Israel but worldwide.


Daniel Schwarz - CEO, Latina Media Group

Daniel Schwarz studied International Business and International relations at the University of UADE in Buenos Aires. Schwarz excelled in 'Practical Computer Programming Studies' at the Ort Hermelin College in Netanya, Israel.

He is a member of the Jerusalem Journalist Association and speaks seven languages.

Schwarz is an Internet entrepreneur and is currently the CEO of Latina Media Group - a network of Israeli media-portals targeting the Spanish speaking community. He also runs Mad Logic Internet Solutions.

Over the last 10-years, Daniel has been involved in over 200 Internet projects worldwide.