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Good Deeds Day, a flagship project of the nonprofit Ruach Tova of the Arison Group, will be held on March 19th and will send out the message of unity • Thousands of volunteering and doing good activities will take place nationwide. United in Good

The 18th Good Deeds Day will be held on March 19th, with thousands of volunteering activities and doing good opportunities taking place across the country. Good Deeds Day is a peak event that marks the ongoing, year-round activities of Ruach Tova, a nonprofit organization of the Arison Group, which offers tailored volunteering opportunities throughout the year.

This year, the key message of Good Deeds Day is United in Good, with the idea of creating a critical mass of good deeds that brings about positive change. It calls on each and every person to join and do a good deed, be it large or small, according to their ability and heart’s desire, with the goal of creating positive change. Good Deeds Day will also be celebrated worldwide, with millions of people participating in 110 countries across the globe.

Businesswoman and philanthropist Shari Arison, who initiated Good Deeds Day 18 years ago: "I have always believed that if we think good, speak good, and do good, our world will be a better place. Good Deeds Day creates a critical mass of people united together in good," says Arison. "As a nation, on October 7 we suffered a terrible and tragic assault, and we will never be the same. Since that day, we are all hurting, but we are also more united, loving, giving, and are volunteering for one another. This year on Good Deeds Day, let's all amplify the good and illuminate it while emphasizing our unity and our togetherness. Because we are all one."

The nonprofit Ruach Tova states that throughout 2023 and in the beginning of this year, volunteering in Israeli society reached an all-high. Moreover, since the beginning of the war an impressive force for good has been noted across Israeli society, with people wanting to give of themselves in numerous ways for the benefit of others.

Do you also want to take part in the 18th Good Deeds Day? You are invited to visit the Good Deeds Day website, and choose your own special way of doing good from a variety of options and places: at home or at work, in groups or as individuals, with organizations or nonprofits. You can also choose the type of volunteering activity that suits you best: preparing food baskets for people in need, participating in creative projects for evacuees, joining joy-spreading activities, helping the environment or animals, volunteering with special populations, children and youth, the elderly, and more.

The Good Deeds Day website also offers a wide variety of ideas and lesson-plans if you want to initiate your own doing good activity, by yourself or with your family, community, and friends. Additionally, on Good Deeds Day itself, a hundred Good Deeds Day stations will open nationwide, where you can just stop and do a good deed on the fly.

It should be noted that this year’s Good Deeds Day will take place in the middle of the month of Ramadan, and that the Arab society will also mark this special time with thousands of doing good projects planned to take place over an entire week dedicated to doing good deeds. The highlight event in Arab society will take place on the evening before Good Deeds Day, with volunteers preparing 116 iftar meals in 116 centers, simultaneously, to mark unity in the family and community.

Rafi Elul, Chairman of the nonprofit Ruach Tova of the Arison Group: "Since October 7th, at a time where the reality we’re experiencing is complex and calls for our full engagement and goodwill, we see thousands of citizens putting their differences aside and stepping out to volunteer and demonstrate their unity. This is exactly the idea for which Good Deeds Day was born 18 years ago. And this connection that we are creating together on Good Deeds Day takes on an even stronger significance now, this year in particular. I am excited to be part of a venture that brings all fractions of society, from individuals to businesses to authorities, to create doing good projects together, for a more united nation and an even stronger, better society."

Similar to last year's Good Deeds Day, the largest volunteering exhibition in Israel will also take place this year, called Social Lens. Aimed at encouraging active social involvement, the exhibition will present photographs that document the public's spirit of volunteerism during the year, in general, and in wartime, in particular. The exhibition will open in ten different locations across the country, from north to south, with the purpose of sharing the social activities that take place locally, which ultimately forge a connection between communities while shining a spotlight on the people who do good.

Visit the Good Deeds Day website, and choose your way of doing good.







 Photo Eli Dasa