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On May 23, 2024, The 3rd HIT Annual Euro-Asia HIT Seminar was held at HIT Holon Institute of Technology in cooperation with MFA Israel. In frontal attend distinguished delegates from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia, influencers and bloggers. In the seminar participate also students from Uzbekistan complete their B.Sc. degree in Industrial Mathematics and Computer Science at HIT , Institute of Technology officials and guests. On Zoom were connected representatives from EuroAsian and Balkan countries: from Ministries of Innovation, Education, Universities, IT Centers and hubs, and HIT students and alumni from those countries as well. 
HIT opens the doors for the 3rd time and organized this important seminar in two parts. In the first section participant listened lectures on innovative technologies in architecture and engineering by Prof. Haim Dotan , AI and Instructional Technologies by Dr. Dan Kohen Vaks, HIT Head of BA program Faculty of Instructional Technologies , Dr. Evgeni Smirnov on Strategies and Technologies for leadership and Mr. Oren Simanian spoke about how to build Startups and Strat Up Nation as well .  
This seminar is a token of appreciation for the extensive academic activities of HIT in the region. The Institute's involvement with Eurasian countries through science and applied scientific research, serves as a bridge between cultures and peoples, as well as an Israeli strategic interest in strengthening its relations with Muslim countries that supported Israel and provided refuge for Jews who escaped the horrors of the Holocaust.

In his opening remarks, the President of HIT, Prof. Eduard Yakubov, said, "This seminar is a true expression of our vision and desire to serve as a bridge between cultures and peoples. We are proud to host the distinguished delegation and share our achievements in the academic field and technological innovation."
H.E. Ambassador of Azerbaijan Mammadov note : 
It is the best example of cooperation what we are doing here. How we change our views and what recommendations you will bring to promote our people to people ties.
H.E. Ambassador of Kazakstan Yemberdiyev emphasized:
Yakubov it’s one once to me him to understand the huge man with vision and hart
Our state are linked with strong bonds and the sky is a limit
We are looking forward to working together with HIT and Israel for the bright future.
אין חכם כבעל ניסיון
H.E. Ambassador of Uzbekistan Aminov added : This seminar is one more step to grow our cooperation and to promote our initiatives.
Other invitees from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs were Mr. Ronen Krausz, Director of the Central Asia and Caucasus Department; Mr. Ran Natanzon, Director of Innovation, and Mr. David Atar, consultant of the Central Asia and Caucasus Department.
Mr. Ronen Krausz generalized :"We need more initiatives like this. The HIT gave as again the best example of how to build a strong fundament for cooperation and promote it for the better future of our countries and people".
HIT Holon Institute of Technology has been promoting since 2014 the institute's international strategy with Euro-Asia countries. HIT is proud of his strong ties with those countries. Building the bridge between HIT and Euro-Asia academic, innovation, government, etc., institutions institute also built strong foundations to educate the future generation of students regarding the needs of industry and society as well. The golden triangle between academy – industry - and society is the heart of HIT’s DNA. Today Institute has scientific relations with more than 130 research institutions from 35 countries in the world, most of them with Euro-Asias countries. HIT opens for international students and holds programs for undergraduate and graduate studies in Industrial Mathematics and Computer Science, as well as student exchanges. HIT with a multidisciplinary approach is a leading factor in various fields of science, hi-tech, artificial intelligence, digital technologies for medicine, instructional technologies, industrial design, visual communication, etc.  Students develop their discipline exams projects and/or final degree projects together with industry, hospitals, municipalities, governance, etc., depending on their needs. 
Since 2018 HIT has been holding a bachelor's degree completion program in Industrial Mathematics and Computer Science students from universities in Euro-Asian countries. As part of this program, 59 students from Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan graduate with bachelor's degrees in 2022 and 2023. A total of 150 students enrolled in the program.  The program is taught in English. The program also organizes studies of the Hebrew language.
HIT are active partners in GEW Global Entrepreneur Weeks in the region. HIT organized with Euro-Asia partners many conferences on Mathematics, Technologies of Tourism, Medicine technologies, and devices, food security, etc.. HIT organized 3 unbelievable STEM2+D (Science, Society/ Technology, Tourism/ Engineering, Education/ Mathematics, Medicine/ Design), the over-arching framework of a multi-level and multidisciplinary innovative approach.  HIT is a pioneer of this unique new concept and format. All HIT initiatives are in cooperation with and with the constant support of foreign ministries of Euro-Asian countries and Israel, and other government and academic institutions.
As part of the HIT undergraduate program and cooperation initiatives, Holon Institute of Technology holds seminars and meetings with the Israeli high-tech industry and the development centers of the giant companies MICROSOFT, GOOGLE, AMAZON, IBM, Facebook, etc.
During HIT's last (STEM)^2+D conference in 2022 hosted by universities NUU National University of Uzbekistan-Tashkent, BuxDu Bukhara State University-Bukhara, and SSU Samarkand State University-Samarkand, HIT held the first Israel-Uzbekistan forum "Days of Science & Technology". The forum was a fruitful platform where participants from all Euro-Asia academic institutions met in focused sessions and discussed diverse aspects of international academic cooperation, the 5-year goals of academic institutions, and highlights of recent scientific achievements.
The 3rd HIT Annual Euro-Asia HIT Seminar this is a natural successful continuation of the HIT's initiatives to strengthen ties with the countries of Euro-Asia. The visit reflected the positive support these countries have given Israel. Countries with a young population active on social media, constitute a significant target audience for maintaining a positive image of HIT  and Israel in the academic, innovative, and social world.
 Mrs. Tony Levy, External relations ,President Office HIT Holon Institute of Technology
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