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This morning Israel's President Shimon Peres hosted a delegation of honorary Israeli consuls around the world.

Among the nations whose representatives participated were Portugal, the Netherlands, Chile, Cyprus, Mexico, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, New Zealand, Slovenia, South Korea, Turkey, Argentina, Bolivia, Panama, Kazakhstan, Jamaica, Poland, the Solomon Islands, Trinidad and Tobago.

The President thanked the consuls for their work on behalf of the State of Israel in their countries of residence and emphasized that the citizens of Israel owe them deep gratitude and appreciation for their devotion to promoting Israel's worldwide interests as well as strengthening her positive image.

The President reviewed with them a series of issues that will serve as tools for their activities in representing the State of Israel around the world.

Foremost among them: Israel's economic situation, the Arab Spring and its implications for the region, the status of the peace process with the Palestinians, the Iranian nuclear issue and additional subjects of international importance.