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Starting Today: A Mobile Key for Every Vehicle in Israel

COBRA announces the Israeli launch of Mobile-Key technology, which enables car doors to be opened and closed and the motor to be switched on and off without a key using a dedicated smartphone app

A new groundbreaking technology is now available in Israel that provides all drivers with the same advanced features enabled by the key fobs offered by Tesla and other luxury car manufacturers. It is suitable for vehicles ordered directly from car importers and can also be installed in many late model vehicles now on the roads.

It is not uncommon for drivers to forget the car keys, even several times a year, or even lose them. Duplicating an original key is expensive and can cost between NIS 1,000 to NIS 4,000 depending on the vehicle manufacturer. Thankfully, as of today, this innovative development means that the original car keys are no longer needed.

The End of Car Keys

COBRA’s Mobile-Key is an innovative and safe way to open and lock your car using your smartphone. It is an efficient and convenient solution that can be installed in vehicles by car importers as well as those already on the road. Either way, Mobile-Key provides the exact same functions as the key fobs that come with a Tesla and other brand-name luxury cars. Those functions include opening and closing doors, moving the vehicle, opening the trunk, and flashing the lights, all in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's specifications.

Mobile-Key, which is based on BLE technology, operates using Bluetooth within 15 square meters from the vehicle in an urban environment, and is secured using the most sophisticated encryption available. Even following installation, however, the key can continue to be used, so the driver has the option to open the vehicle either manually or via the app.

Due to the capabilities of the original key fobs provided by the vehicle manufacturer, there is no need to carry Mobile-Key with you at all times. COBRA’s “blue and white” technology makes it possible to share and unshare access over laptops with as many as five additional users via the app and the Mobile-Key card. The solution also includes a fail-safe module that allows the vehicle key to be left with a valet parking service in a parking lot.



“We are excited to be the first to make the most talked-about technology accessible to the Israeli market, both through the country’s largest car importers as well as in the aftermarket environment, enabling it to be installed immediately in hundreds of thousands of vehicles on the roads,” COBRA states. “We are proud of our leadership role in the industry, so it is a source of satisfaction for us that we are now able to afford all Israeli drivers a life without car keys. It’s a convenient and accessible solution that will undoubtedly save the forgetful among us a lot of money on duplicating keys.”

“Of course, we will also be actively collaborating with institutional customers, car importers and car rental companies, for whom this is a necessary tool for emphasizing their uncompromising innovation. In the coming months we plan to expand our activities and launch the product abroad, with the first phase planned in the United States and Europe.”

System installation, connection to the vehicle’s electrical system and standard synchronization take 60 minutes and can be completed by a qualified technician at the customer's home. Mobile-Key can usually be installed in vehicles with a built-in power button that have been on the road since 2014. Some manufacturers, however, will allow installation in even older vehicles, so in those cases it is recommended to check with them directly.

The recommended retail price of Mobile-Key is NIS 1,190 NIS plus VAT. The cost of the system includes installation at the customer premises.

The dedicated Mobile-Key app is available for download on various iOS and Android devices at https://m-key.co.il.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/COBRAMKEY

Instagram: www.instagram.com/cobra_mkey

Youtube   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HI4YwtDAB64


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Cobra is a veteran leader in the fields of automotive safety and protection systems, multimedia devices and comfort solutions. For more than three decades, it has manufactured, imported, marketed and installed a wide range of technologically innovative products that are at the forefront of the automotive industry.

The company distributes advanced navigation and entertainment and communication systems, comfort and safety accessories, parking sensors, front and rear auxiliary cameras, rear monitors, innovative vehicle protection systems, luxury design products, and various complementary systems. It specializes in complex installations in all types of vehicles. The company also acts as an independent contractor for carrying out installations for Delek Motors.


New launch of mobile Key from Cobra's development.

Photo of the Mobile Key+ Video  :Credit: Cobra.

 Photo Silvia Golan