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Terrorist Summer Camps: In an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press, President Herzog reveals discovered Hamas document directing children’s summer camps on terror bases

Document calls camps “To advance the resistance culture and the values of Jihad… to contribute to the militarization of society,” with activities including terror attack simulations.

President Isaac Herzog revealed today, Sunday, in an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press, documentation discovered by IDF forces in Gaza detailing an action plan for Hamas terrorist camps to host and train children to be the terrorists of the next generation.

The document is further proof of how the terrorist organization Hamas works to establish its ideology in the Gaza Strip, among other things, by educating children to hate Jews, and promoting religious extremism, violence, and terrorism. Among its activities, Hamas runs a network of summer camps which include military camps throughout the Gaza Strip, in order to train the younger generation of Gaza's children to become the future generation of the organization's terrorists.

The document - written and issued in July 2023, by the Al Qasam Brigade military wing of Hamas – lays out a plan to host Hamas summer camps for children on the movement’s terrorist bases, with the goal “To advance the resistance culture and the values of Jihad, standing strong, and sacrifice within the children… to contribute to the militarization of society.”

According to the document, as part of the terror camp, the children were to be trained to shoot weapons, conduct simulations and study theoretical courses – with the stated aim of preparing the next generation in Gaza to serve in the terrorist organization.

In the interview with NBC’s Kristen Welker, President Herzog said, “This is not only a war between Israel and Hamas, it has to do with the values of the free world. Let me show you a document, a highly confidential, strictly confidential document, which we just unraveled from the Hamas headquarters. It's a brochure, which is a directive by the commanders of Hamas as to how to manage summer camps for children in order to disseminate the values of jihad. It says it clearly to disseminate the values of jihad, and the values of the resistance meaning terror, and how to make it a militarized society. And it's all over the Gaza Strip, meaning they take the kids - whilst we all know what summer camps are and what they're aimed for, and what a wonderful experience it is to enable youngsters, kids, and adolescents to become citizens of the free world and with liberty, with happiness with joy, with sports - here their entire aim is to make them terrorists.”