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Last week I was invited to an Cultural and interesting tour of the HIT Holon Institute of Technology.

This HIT Holon Institute of Technology summer semester academic program for students from Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan that complete their studies in BS.c. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, is an intensive program that combines interdisciplinary knowledge transfer and practice-oriented industry-academic project work. The program included subjects as Sustainability , Water Technology, Agriculture technology, Algorithms development, big data analysis , culture heritage technologies and other important subjects with innovative approaches combined with cultural and historical tour. 

The first seminar of the program included a very interesting tour in Baha’i Gardens in Haifa . The students were amazed by the unbelievable beauty of the gardens, We were honored to be hosted in person by Bahai International Community representative in Jerusalem, Mr. David  Freeman and his wife Tracy, who is also president of the Diplomatic woman club in Israel. The interesting conversation with them was focused on equality between women and men in modern society. 

Equality of the sexes is, for Baha'is, a spiritual and moral standard essential for the unification of the planet and the unfoldment of world order. Without the qualities, talents, and skills of both women and men, full economic and social development of the planet becomes impossible. Trance explained “For The world of humanity is possessed of two wings — the male and the female. So long as these two wings are not equivalent in strength the bird will not fly. Until womankind reaches the same degree as man, until she enjoys the same arena of activity, extraordinary attainment for humanity will not be realized; humanity cannot wing its way to heights of real attainment.”



After a wonderful conversation with Mr. Freeman and his wife Tracy, students visited the Innovation Hub of Haifa and firms . Firms representatives shared their vision of the importance of working in groups , team work to develop solutions and initial project ideas. Here participants in the project contribute their knowledge and skills. In smaller groups they can decide for themselves which ideas they will pursue and develop into projects. This practice is intercultural communication, and organization of students in joint projects with industry and acquire methodological skills. At the end students learned to present their concepts and share their  work experiences. In sessions with inspiring lecturers, students received deepen knowledge of industrial experiences

Benefits to students from participating in such seminars combining hi tech , knowledge, innovation and culture are very high and important. This meeting with Haifa municipality innovation hub and Reader ltd, also drew conclusions about the model that has enabled benefits to flow to all involved – students, industrial partners and educational institutions. 

The tour continued with a visit to the memorial gardens and the nature park in Ramat Handiv, the great dream, the wonderful story of Baron Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild

Webs for those who are interested in learning or knowing about the Holon Institute of Technology and for visit The Baha’i Gardens in Haifa

Photos credit Silvia G. Golan 

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