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 The World Cup of Agriculture and Green Innovation is Coming to Israel, September 5 -6 / 2023   . Diplomats please contact to me by mail , phone, Silvia G Golan.

After the era of the Covid-19 Pandemic, people are positively itching to get together as a community again and gather with like-minded individuals on projects that inspire their hearts and build towards a better future together. The Agromashov 2023 Exhibition offers precisely that and is a hub for technological innovation and startup companies.

Who’s coming?

At this event, you can expect the best of the best, with leading cultural representatives and delegates from several countries from around the world to bolster cooperation with Israeli companies and farmers.

The attendees are members from Albania to Uzbekistan, and many others. In addition, delegations and representatives of companies from Dubai, India, Uganda, and more will also attend to foster a collaborative ‘worldwide’ approach. Such a gathering of different nations has earned the nickname, The World Cup of Agriculture and Green Innovation.

Major companies have also confirmed their arrival – the Sri Lankan equipment company “Inomi Agro Technica” and the Georgian packaging company “Allpacka” which will exhibit over the two days of the leading international agricultural exhibition in Israel – Agromashov 2023.

The event will also be attended by Cabinet Ministers, Knesset Members, heads of agricultural organizations, owners of marketing chains, and farmers.

Israeli agriculture is considered a leader in the field by many individuals and organizations across the globe. Dozens of representatives from around the world have confirmed their attendance at “Agromashov,” the central agricultural exhibition in Israel, which will be held at the Expo complex in Tel Aviv.

What to expect

The Agromashov 2023 Agricultural Exhibition is scheduled for September 5th-6th, 2023. Every stall and vendor at the exhibition is tied to agriculture and relates directly to the bottom-line industry members deal with on a day-to-day basis. This exhibition has been around for 32 years and is one of the oldest and most prominent global agricultural events.

This year the exhibition will focus on the connections between the people and areas of advancement from within agriculture to increase profitability and viability through utilizing technological innovation and agricultural startup companies.

The CEO of Agromashov, Haim Alousche, predicts that “Millions of dollars worth of deals will be closed, and Israeli agriculture will be better for it. Every year deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars are being closed, and this year, in view of the increased interest from abroad, I believe that Israeli agriculture will be even more profitable.”

The exhibition is aimed at farmers, large companies, entrepreneurs, and startup companies, for whom we have established a special complex to present developments and ventures in agriculture and the environment.

As part of the Agromashov Exhibition, there will be ‘round table discussion’ activities in the various fields of agriculture as a continuation of the professional discussions around the tables in various fields from the Israel Agriculture Conference. Invaluable topics are scheduled to be represented at the event; an extraordinary chance to experience Israeli agriculture at its best and a long list of innovations.

As part of the exhibition, there will be professional sessions on the agricultural issues on the agenda, emphasizing innovation and hi-tech in agriculture and how farmers can use these to enhance their bottom line.

Furthermore, a unique startup complex will be established at the exhibition where innovations and developments in the fields of startups for agriculture and the environment will be presented as part of the understanding that the agriculture of the future is based on hi-tech, startup companies, developments, and innovation.

The 10 vendors you don’t want to miss

At the epicenter of the exhibition, there will be a TOP 10 competition to select the ten most groundbreaking innovations and developments of the past year. These ten groundbreaking innovations and developments that are chosen for the exhibition in the Top 10 will receive extensive exposure and great appreciation. To obtain such recognition from such a long-standing and steadfast event is an opportunity many businesses would desire.

For example, the ten innovations that won in 2022 have since made significant breakthroughs this year and include:

● A solar-powered fence to protect rural settlements, manufactured by the renewable energy company “Teralite”
● An apple of the “Gala Star” variety that came from the Matityahu farm
● The tractor revolution of the “Bobcat” company, with attachments that are adapted to agricultural work
● The automatic drones of the “Beefy Agro” Company
● The “Cordial” tomato of the “Gedera-Syngenta Seeds” Company
● The pomegranate of the “Akko” variety
● The Bookman mini-loader
● The “Fascination” watermelon of the “Gedera Syngenta Seeds” Company
● Vanilla plants for home cultivation from the “Neto Seedling” nursery
● And an autonomous irrigation and fertilization system from the “Agrinoze” Company

Israel, a leader in agricultural change

The world of agriculture is undergoing significant changes and is evolving into something quite unique. The industry no longer just deals with land and cultivation; agriculture has become a hi-tech industry that reaches far beyond farmers and traders and involves startup companies and advanced innovative agriculture. Even with climate change concerns within Israeli agriculture, Israel is still looked to as a leader in this realm due to its connection to surrounding countries and varying climates throughout the country, offering unique agricultural opportunities in one country. 

Chaim Alousche, the CEO of the Mashov Group, stated: “The Russian invasion of Ukraine and even prior to that, the climate crisis and the Coronavirus pandemic, have drawn the attention of politicians and heads of state all over the world to the importance of independence in critical areas such as energy, food, natural resources, etc. Israeli agriculture has always been at the forefront, and now it is undergoing a process of renewal and rejuvenation in order to continue catapulting the State of Israel to independence in the field of food production. Moreover, we believe that Israeli agriculture has a cardinal contribution to the entire world. This is the 32nd year that the leading and professional central exhibition in Israel will enable the exposure of innovation, connections between people and businesses, and the promotion of Israeli and global agriculture.”

You can expect a variety of advanced and innovative technologies for farmers and the world of agriculture, new crops, and groundbreaking developments. There will also be professional conferences with hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of farmers and entrepreneurs in the field of agriculture. The future of agriculture is coming to life at the 32nd Agromashov exhibition- don’t miss it!