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On Wednesday, October 24th, a unique art exhibition titled “Artist in Residence” was shown at the British Ambassador’s Residence in Ramat Gan. Mr. Aldo Henriquez, the communications consultant of the British Embassy and President of the Diplomatic Spouses Club in Israel, opened his artwork to a select audience in an intimate and engaging evening.


Mr. Henriquez explained that the exhibition was a visual representation of his experiences in Israel, from the Ambassador’s residence itself to places he often frequents. The paintings included portraits of people in his life, and places, including many pastoral nature scenes.

Mr. Henriquez was seemingly born for the diplomatic lifestyle. He was born in La Ceiba on the Caribbean Coast of Honduras and grew up in New Orleans. He moved from New York to London with his spouse, David Quarrey, and then they moved to Israel when Quarrey assumed the post of Ambassador to Israel.



It was in London that Henriquez began really devoting himself to his artistic side, training for two years at the London Fine Arts Studios on Lavender Hill, London. He noted that he began painting at the age of 40, the same as Winston Churchill. As a non-native Londoner, he believes that art and literature helped him connect with his new environment, and gave him a deeper understanding of British society. Upon arriving in Israel he continued with his passion, spending two years at the art studio of Yossi Mark at the Petach Tikva Museum of Art.



Henriquez told Diplomacy that:

“With "Artist in Residence" I wanted to share part of my experience  in Israel including aspects of life at the British Ambassador's Residence, which is timeless, a home and a stage for public events; how I got to know about the country through some of the people I connected with, the colors of the land.

Having a solo art exhibition was a dream come true. As an artist, I always visualized having an art show but it was actually Dana Bernstein from the British Embassy who first suggested out loud that I should have an art show. It instantly made sense since people often ask what my experience in Israel is like. I decided to show through my art, part of my journey of exploring and making lasting connections.”

In addition to Henriquez’s own work, the exhibition included that of others, such as Mrs. Nora Mihaylova, the wife of the ambassador of Bulgaria to Israel. After this auspicious start, Henriquez is already planning another exhibition for January, which will showcase a different style.


Diplomacy congratulates Mr. Henriquez and all those who were involved in such a wonderful endeavor.


Photos by Silvia Golan