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The Trnava region in Slovakia is happy to introduce in the IMTM tourism fair in Tel Aviv the unique tourist attractions of the Danube Delta, at the foothills of the Little Carpathian Mountain Range


The region is rich in pampering spas and thermal spring waters, superior wineries, golf courses, culture and history, fine cuisine and world-class wines, quality honey, sports facilities, and racetracks amongst the largest in the world, magical castles, shopping centres, sustainable tourism, unique galleries, and museums

On the occasion of the IMTM International Tourism Fair at the Tel Aviv Expo, the Trnava region in Slovakia will hold a special event in Jerusalem, to introduce the unique tourist attractions at the Danube Delta and the region's capital known as "Little Rome of Slovakia". The event will take place at the Slovak Institute, 19 King David St. Jerusalem, and will be attended by the Slovak Ambassador to Israel, Igor Maukš, senior officials from the Trnava region, wholesale tourism, and travel agents from both countries as well as media representatives.


The Trnava region is one of the eight regions of Slovakia, located in the western part of Slovakia and near the borders of Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. The airport in the capital Bratislava is only 45 km from the region and Vienna airport is only 110 km away. Budapest is 215 km away and Prague 400 km. The county is connected to these major cities by a network of highways and express trains. The region is famous for its largest drinking water reservoir in Europe and rivers with clean water and essential minerals for body health. The region's healing springs, spas, and health resorts have become well-known in Europe. The wines produced in the region are excellent and so is the honey production.



The spa town of Piešťany is known worldwide for its fine spas, its unique sulfur mud, and the waters of the healing springs from geothermal sources. The town became famous for its hot springs and sulfur mud, which were found to have medicinal properties, due to the high concentration of sulfur, hydrogen, bromine, and magnesium. The hot springs and mud water has a positive medical effect on those suffering from inflammatory problems, skeletal problems, joint problems, and nerve problems, and thanks to them the town became famous not only in Europe but throughout the world.


Piešťany houses six spa hotel complexes in the area called the "Spa Island". This is one of the largest and unique spa complexes in Europe. One of the most remarkable hotels on the spa island is the Thermia Palace Hotel, with Art Nouveau architecture style. The city of Trnava serves as the capital of the Trnava region, and it is known as the "Little Rome of Slovakia" famous for its numerous churches.  Despite its size, the city used to be an important center of the Hungarian Empire. It has magical historical streets, museums and art galleries, and a great atmosphere for the whole family. The city's famous clock tower dating from the Renaissance period gives the city a special and magical atmosphere. 


Trnava University, built in the Baroque style, gives the city a lively and vibrant atmosphere. There are 11 churches and 2 synagogues in the city. The Jewish community in Trnava is one of the oldest in Slovakia and existed as early as the 12th century. Many impressive castles are scattered throughout Slovakia. One of them is Smolenice Castle, built in the 14th century. Near the magical castle, it is recommended to visit the stalactite cave of Driny. For those interested in history and the Habsburg dynasty, it is recommended to visit Holíč Castle.


Wine connoisseurs will love the Trnava district and especially the autumn wine festivals. The wineries in Trnava are famous for their family tradition. The wine industry in this region began as early as 3000 years ago. Many vineyards are spread there as well as wineries that produce quality local wine. The Slovak wines from the Carpathian region were especially popular with members of the royal families of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and especially by Maria Theresa of Habsburg.


The Trnava region is also known for its fine honey production which strengthens the immune system. The renowned X-bionic® sphere sports complex in Šamorín, includes sports facilities of the highest level. This special resort offers athletes advanced sports facilities for 26 Olympic sports. There is also an Olympic and modern horse-riding facility, which also hosts international competitions. Trnava region is considered a paradise for golf players, with golf courses of the highest standards in the world. One of the world-renowned golf courses is Penati Golf Resort. The motor sport is also popular in Slovakia, thanks to world-class racing tracks, some of the largest in the world. Adrenaline enthusiasts can enjoy a helicopter ride, a paragliding experience or fly a hot air balloon. Several ports for cruise tourism are also located in the Trnava region. 


The Piešťany airport has the potential for direct flights from Israel. The Airport is comfortable/tiny offering good services for charter flights, VIP and private flights tailor made for different target groups.


 Images courtesy: Trnava Regional Tourism Board.