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Dan Hotels is excited to announce the re-opening of Dan Caesarea

After eight months of renovation work, Dan Hotels is re-launching Dan Caesarea under a unique concept. The iconic Dan Caesarea Hotel, established in the 1960s by Baron Rothschild, has now become an updated innovative resort at an investment of NIS 80 million. The entire complex, comprising  116 guestrooms and suites; lobby; dining room; children's Danyland club and all the public areas are renovated and upgraded and completely transformed. In addition, the property’s 62 verdant dunams have been newly landscaped.

Salon Bocca replaces the lobby area, offering delicious cocktails prepared especially for the resort by the Suramare group, (an exclusive Tel Aviv culinary bar), to accompany an original and appetizing menu. Beside the pool, you can enjoy the casual atmosphere of Limonada Bar providing a refreshing selection of summer drinks alongside exclusive cocktails. 



Greek Style Tavern

here is a new Greek-style ‘Tavern” that will supply you with a well-stocked picnic hamper to enjoy in the resort’s spacious and welcoming gardens.

Throughout the hotel, you will find contemporary Israeli art, with 15 monumental sculptures by the award-winning Israeli sculptor, Yaakov Dorchin, in the gardens, and works of art in the guestrooms, created by the late Rita Alima.

Ronen Nissenbaum, CEO commented: "We are proud and excited to re-launch Dan Caesarea with a unique and innovative concept that will offer guests stylish rooms, fascinating art, a culinary experience with contemporary bars, all set in beautifully landscaped gardens that create a magical atmosphere. We have invested heavily in the development of this concept, which has become an up-to-date resort that offers an exceptional hospitality experience for both Israeli clientele and tourists. "

The renovation project was a complex task, headed by Daniel Federmann, who with his talented team created this new and up-to-date concept. Architect Ilan Pivko redesigned all the public areas and Roni Federmann, the project's architect, together with Esti Robinson and the staff of the Dan Hotels technical division, redesigned the rooms ensuring great satisfaction for every guest. Designers Philippe Boulakia and Dikla Robinson created a new and refreshing approach that connects the location with nature. The guestrooms have been designed to ensure they are light and airy and allow the view to wrap itself around each room. The unique balcony structure allows visitors to enjoy an open view with maximum privacy with a double seating area overlooking the grounds.  

Bentzi Arbel, who is responsible for some of the leading concepts of the Tel Aviv culinary scene, created the concept of Happiness is Around, which describes the spirit of the resort from its design to the service. The art displayed throughout the Resort is from the Gordon Gallery collection, adding another unique touch to this magnificent property.

The materials used in the rooms are natural walnut veneer combined with original woodwork and furniture, gathered from around the world. A fine Italian walnut floor is set at an angle to the view and the unique mask installed in every room was created by the artist Tzachi Nevo especially for this project. The addition of a floating ceiling designed by Roni Aloni enhances the atmosphere of freedom.

The separate sleeping area contains a queen-size bed wrapped in cloth, with a pampering mattress to ensure a good night’s sleep. Guests will be delighted with the Bluetooth gramophone, a mood lamp and focused reading lamps, as well as a 55-inch high-end TV. The extra spacious bathroom, complete with bathtub, shower, and an expansive marble surface in a classic cut stone finish, is separated from the room by a light Italian sliding door. All rooms are equipped with a well-stocked bar and a unique coffee machine complete with a selection of fresh coffee beans for grinding. Consideration has also been given to guests’ sense of privacy, resulting in each room having its own private entrance hall.



The perfect resort:

The renovated Dan Caesarea is the perfect location for families, as it provides a wide range of activities for all ages. The spirit of innovation did not skip the guests’ children, as a new and unique Danyland has been built for our younger generation of visitors. This new complex, never seen before in Israel, was designed by Philippe Boulakia and Dikla Robinson, who chose attractive pastel colors for the decor. The activity areas were designed with a deep understanding of what today’s children enjoy, combining a selection of retro games and technological innovations. Among the attractions that the Danyland club offers are a unique aquarium; a world of dinosaurs that combines a classic sandbox with a 3D projection, and a wealth of possibilities for an exciting gaming experience. 

The swimming pool has a pool table standing in the water and tree houses have been embedded into some of the trees around the pool, enabling a delightful play experience. There is a variety of sports activities on offer such as a basketball court designed with unique graphics, a soccer field, a tennis court, mini golf, table tennis and more. Many guests will also be enthralled with the variety of retro games reminiscent of the carefree days of the 60s and 70s.

Finally, the renovated Dan Caesarea would not be complete without a pampering spa complex. There are wet and dry saunas and a state-of-the-art gym with high-quality equipment connected to advanced systems. From June there will be six advanced treatment rooms available, offering an exciting and pioneering treatment menu.

All these facilities together with a beautiful view of the resort’s pool and lawns - Dan Caesarea is ready to welcome its guests for a wonderful new experience


AddressRothschild St 1, Caesarea
Reservation Tel. +972-3-7408966

Hotel Tel. +972-4-6269111
Email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Instagram @dancaesarea 

Photos by Silvia G. Golan






  • Campaign launched in Europe in advance of Eurovision
  • The ministry is leveraging Eurovision as an opportunity to market Israel as an attractive culture and lifestyle tourism destination

Tourism Minister Director-General Amir Halevi: “We see Eurovision as an opportunity to promote Israel throughout the year as a culture and lifestyle destination and we will continue to feature Eurovision in our marketing materials in the coming months. We are in a period of record incoming tourism, with about 400,000 tourists arriving every month to enjoy Israel’s pleasant year-round climate, its beaches, culture, lifestyle and, in particular, the unique atmosphere of Israel.”


“Douze Points” video: In April, the ministry launched a video clip in Europe, featuring Shir Elmaliach, the Israeli presenter for Israel tourism, and Sagi Braitner. The video clip, which is called “Douze Points”, has been widely viewed across Europe, with more than 50 million views (in all the countries), more than 200 million impressions and 2.5 million clicks to the dedicated landing page established for this purpose.


Click here for the movie (Credit LAPAM)

Tours: During Eurovision week, the Israel Ministry of Tourism has arranged tours to the Dead Sea and to Jerusalem for hundreds of journalists who arrived from around the world to cover the Eurovision. Yesterday (Monday), the ministry, in cooperation with the Global Tel Aviv and the GPO, arranged a tour to the world’s largest natural health spa, the Dead Sea. The Tamar Regional Council set up a VIP area for the journalists, complete with complimentary massages, Dead Sea mud, buffet, cocktail bar, music and more. Tomorrow, Wednesday, the ministry will lead more tours to Jerusalem.


Information booth for tourists: At Ben Gurion airport, incoming tourists are greeted at a special Israel Ministry of Tourism Eurovision-branded information stand staffed by the Tourism Ministry and volunteers from the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality, where they can receive information, recommendations etc. Photo attached, no credit needed.


Rights to use Eurovision content: As part of the marketing activities related to Eurovision, the Israel Ministry of Tourism has purchased the rights from Kan, the Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation to use material from the Eurovision, including video segments, logo, etc, in order to leverage the competition overseas, which is where the heart of the ministry’s activities lie.



Other PR activities in Europe include, among others:

  • The Israel Government Tourist Office in London is collaborating with Attitude, the UK’s best-selling gay magazine, in co-sponsoring the live broadcast of the final at a Soho club to an invited audience of leading figures in the travel and LGBT communities
  • In Sweden, the local IGTO with the Stockholm municipality is co-sponsoring the live broadcast of the final in the main square. This event will include the broadcast of the “Douze Points” from the Swedish jury. Digital screens throughout the city carry the message “From Stockholm to Tel Aviv, good luck in the Eurovision!” and carry the latest Israeli tourism commercials. In addition, a branded truck is currently touring cities in Sweden and Denmark, giving away tourist information and competition prizes of city breaks to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.


Photos by Israel Tourism Ministry




 Israel’s Independence Day 2019 

Data from 2018 (unless stated otherwise)


  • On the eve of Israel's 71st Independence Day, the population of Israel numbered 9.021 million[1]
    • 697 million Jews (74.2%)
    • 890 million Arabs[2] (20.9%)
    • 434,000 Others[3] (4.8%)
  • At the time of the establishment of the State of Israel, the population of Israel was 806,000 residents.
  • On the 100th Independence Day of the State of Israel in 2048 the population of the state is expected to reach 15.2 million.[4]
  • Since last year’s Independence Day,[5] Israel's population has grown by 177,000 (an increase of 2%). During that period, 188,000 babies were born, 31,000 immigrants arrived, and 47,000 died.[6]
  • Since the State’s founding, 3.2 million immigrants have arrived in Israel, about 43% of them arrived after 1990.
  • 45% of the world's Jewish population lives in Israel.
  • 48,000 persons aged 90 and over live in Israel.
  • 75% of the Jews are Sabras (born in Israel).


  • Area of the State: 22,072 square kilometers
  • Sea area (Sea of ​​Galilee and Dead Sea): 2.0%
  • Number of localities in Israel: 1,217 (based on population estimates for 2017)



  • Life expectancy (in 2017): Men - 80.7

Women - 84.6

  • Total fertility rate[7] (in 2017): 3.11



  • Number of institutions of higher education: 62
  • Percentage of those entitled to a matriculation certificate from those who took the exam: 75.6% (in 2017)


Standard of Living

  • Average monthly money income per household: NIS 16,518 in 2017, a real increase of 4.6% compared with 2016
  • Average monthly money expenditure per household: NIS 13,114 in 2017, a real increase of 2.2% compared with 2016
  • 9% are satisfied with life (in 2018).


Work and Wages

  • Average wages per employee job: NIS 10,473
  • Unemployment rate: 4.0%
  • The share of employed persons in high-tech out of all employed persons in Israel: 8.3% (in 2016)


Business and Manufacturing

  • Number of active businesses: 583,000, about half of them (51%) do not employ workers (in 2017)
  • Number of manufacturing establishments: 21,000 (in 2017)
  • Number of jobs in manufacturing industries: 363,000 (in 2017)


Economic Indicators

  • GDP per capita, at constant prices, increased by 1.3% in 2018, compared with 2017.
  • An increase of 0.8% in the Consumer Price Index (in 2018)


  • 4 million visitors to Israel
  • 5 million departures abroad



  • Percentage of households owning at least one car: 71.9% (in 2017)
  • Number of vehicles: 3,495,412
  • Number of persons licensed to drive: 4,358,402
  • Length of paved roads (km): 19,555 (in 2017)

Construction, Housing, and Real Estate

  • Percentage of ownership of dwellings by households: 66.5% (in 2017)



  • 179 medals in the Olympics, Non-Olympics, and Paralympics (athletes with disabilities) (in 2017)


[1] The data in this Media Release are preliminary, and do not include the foreign worker population, which is estimated at approximately about 166,000.

[2] Arabs: Muslims (including Circassians), Arab Christians (including Armenians) and Druze.

[3] Others: Non-Arab Christians, other religions, and those registered as not classified by religion in the Population Registry, usually immigrants who immigrated under the Law of Return or family unification, but are not defined as Jews in the Population Registry.

[4] According to the national population projection for 2015-2065, medium variant.

[5] Due to differences in the Hebrew calendar, the data relate to the approximately 12.5 months that passed from the previous Independence Day.

[6] Additional growth components: family reunification, international migration balance.

[7] The number of children to which a woman is expected to give birth during her lifetime.










On May 13, 2019, the Embassy of Ireland hosted a ُEurovision party. The celebration was held at the home of the Ambassador of Ireland to Israel, H.E. Alison Kelly, and the embassy of Austria was hosted as well, with the Eurovision contestants from both countries attending.


The home of the ambassador was decorated with the colors of Ireland: green and orange, as a festive environment enveloped guests in anticipation of the Eurovision contest.



The evening featured performances by both singers with their respective songs. Ambassador Alison Kelly wished good luck to the contestant of Austria, Pænda, but she also said that she “Firmly believes that Ms. McTernan will win the competition and make the best representation of her country.” The ambassador reiterated the importance and relevance that Austria has for her personally since she represented Ireland in Austria when she was just starting her diplomatic career.




The Austrian contestant, Pænda, was well prepared and took the stage playing the keyboard as well as singing. The star of the night, of course, was the Irish contestant, Sarah McTernan, who told the guests how thankful she was for being able to perform there and how much she and her crew had prepared for this moment.




Diplomacy.co.il and Debate for Peace wishes the best of luck to the contestants and the embassies


Mihal Mizrahi is a member of  DebateforPeace


Photo   Silvia G. Golan










By launching the rockets from positions within the civilian population of Gaza, the terror organizations are committing a double war crime: the targeting of Israeli civilians while using their own civilian population as human shields. ‎


Following sniper attacks on Israeli soldiers that took place yesterday (Friday, 3 May 2019), wounding of two IDF officers, the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror organizations initiated today (Saturday, 4 May) a massive ‎rocket attack of over 430 rockets that were launched on Israeli towns and villages in southern Israel. Several Israeli civilians were injured in the attacks, including one fatality. The shelling also caused severe damage to homes and property.


In response to the rocket attacks, the IDF targeted terror facilities belonging to the Islamic Jihad and ‎Hamas terror organizations in the Gaza Strip, destroying dozens of terror targets including an Islamic Jihad terror tunnel from Rafah, rocket launchers, underground weapons manufacturing facilities and terror ‎training bases.


The rockets were launched from positions within the civilian population of Gaza. The terror organizations are thus committing a double war crime: targeting Israeli civilians on the one hand while using their own population as a human shield on the other.


Both terror organizations, Hamas and Islamic Jihad (which acts as an Iranian proxy), are acting against the interests of the residents of the Gaza Strip and are the main barrier to the peaceful ‎development of the Gaza Strip. Hamas, which also receives direct support form Iran, ruthlessly rules the Gaza Strip and bears full responsibility for any attack. This murderous regime holds the residents of the Gaza Strip captive and endangers their lives.


Israel’s Iron Dome anti-rocket system was activated dozens of times on Saturday to intercept the barrage of rockets launched at Israeli communities from Gaza. Israel will continue to do its utmost to defend its citizens and ensure their security against the aggression of the terror organizations controlling the Gaza Strip.‎


Scenes of destruction in Israeli towns in the wake of the rocket attacks from Gaza. Photo: IDF Spokesperson.