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This year's closing ceremony for the Holocaust Memorial Day will mark the 70th anniversary of the foundation of 'Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta'ot' and the Ghetto Fighters' House – The world's first Holocaust Museum and the first one built by Holocaust survivors. Nathan Goshen will perform at the ceremony in front of the Commander of the Northern Command, Major General Amir Baram and many others.

Thursday, 2.5.2019 | 19:30 | Ghetto Fighters' House

Free Entrance

The Holocaust Memorial Day at the Ghetto Fighters' House will take place at the Museum's open Amphitheatre and will mark the 70th anniversary of the Museum and Kibbutz' founding.


During the Holocaust Memorial Day, Thursday 2.5, the Ghetto Fighters' House museum and the children's memorial museum "Yad LaYeled" will be open free of charge to the general public.

Shlomo Richard Almog

Born in Tunisia. In November 1942, the Germans and Italians invaded North Africa where many Jews were subsequently sent to forced-labor camps.

Avery Fisher

In 1944, with Germany's final invasion of Slovenia, the family had to separate and Avery was concealed behind a fake identity and hidden with a Catholic family. Avery will light the torch in memory of his aunt Gizi Fleishman, who headed the "Labor Group" which operated in secret against the Slovakian government, to stop the Slovakian Jews "deportation of death" to Poland. However, in 1944 Gizi Fleishman and most of the Slovakian Jews were sent to the Auschwitz's gas chambers. Today, Avery lives in Kfar Masaryk.

Wolf & Shlomo Galperin

The leaders of the "131 Kovno Children" group, gave hope to 131 children who began their difficult journey in the Kovno ghetto, which ended for those who succeeded in surviving the war, in the Birkenau camp. Thanks to Wolf's leadership, the children of the Kovno ghetto received his authority. Together with his brother Shlomo, the "131 children from the Kovno ghetto" formed, of whom 40 were saved. 25 of them succeeded in immigrating to Israel. Wolf lives in Sderot and Shlomo lives in the north of the country.

Esther Cohen       

She was born in 1926 in Hungary to a family of nine. Upon the German invasion in 1944, Esther was sent to a labor camp. Her father and older brother were sent to a forced labor camp and she never saw them again. The mother and the three sisters were sent to Auschwitz, while Esther rolled from camp to camp. Six weeks before the end of the war, she was sent to the death camp at Mauthausen. Esther was saved, she returned to her home and found that her sisters had survived, but both parents and the older brother had perished. Esther immigrated to Israel in 1950 to Kibbutz Matzuva, married and has two sons, three granddaughters, and a great-grandchild.

Shimon Almog Huter

An orphan with no family or memories of them, without a clear past and with a thrilling survival story, filled with turbulence in Europe and in Israel. Shimon does not remember how and at what age he was brought to the Catholic family in the town of Zabrze, Poland, which hid him until the end of the war. After his appearance in the program "Lost Identity" with the late Manny Pe'er, a researcher on behalf of the program went to Poland to search for his birth certificate, which was found in the hospital near Zabrze, but could not find any information about his family. Shimon lives in Kibbutz Evron, he proud to be a father and a grandfather in the land of Israel.

Prof. Yoram Harpaz

Son of Holocaust survivors – the late Tzipora and Uzi Harpaz. A former journalist, writer, and educator. He devoted one of his books to the children of the second generation of Holocaust survivors, "Ma'ayan Children." Uzi and Tzipora managed to survive and immigrate to Israel. They met at 'Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta'ot' and were among its founders.