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Against the backdrop of the climate crisis:

i4Valley commemorates its third anniversary with a summit conference scheduled for June 21, 2023, at the Braude Academic College of Engineering in Karmiel.

Esteemed industry executives will be in attendance to celebrate this milestone.

i4Valley aspires to transform the Galilee region into Israel's own Silicon Valley while promoting the development of Israeli technologies that foster the creation of exceptional products with reduced material usage,

energy consumption, and environmental pollution. i4Valley, an investor in early-stage start-ups and ventures, invests in companies that are at the forefront of developing the next generation of sustainable production technologies.

These advancements aim to minimize energy and material consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and mitigate environmental pollution.

The conference will be attended by distinguished attendees, including the mayor of Karmiel, Moshe Koninski; Prof. Arie Maharshak, president of the Academic College of Engineering Braude;

Hanan Brand, Vice President of Israel Innovation Authority and head of the Startup Division; Oz Katz, Deputy Director General Industries at Ministry of Economy and Industry; Zvika Weinstock, i4valley 's CTO;

esteemed high-tech entrepreneur Zohar Levkovitz, as well as other prominent industry executives. Moreover, the conference will draw the participation of innovation managers, ESG managers in leading companies, industrialists,

academic representatives, government officials, and representatives of media outlets.

The CEO of i4Valley, Sivan Yechieli: "Our primary mission is to champion innovative technologies that enable the production of goods with decreased energy consumption, minimized material usage,

and the utilization of superior, environmentally friendly materials".


Please find enclosed a link invitation to the conference:



 Photo courtesy:Tomasz Solinski