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For the first time, unique smart artificial technology adapted to managing a country's water infrastructures for achieving significant increased energetic efficiency.

 For the first time, an Israeli technological group in the artificial intelligence field has lead and established a pioneering venture for managing the water infrastructure system in the country – In Israel. "Mekorot", which is one of the leading water corporations in the world in managing water infrastructures and technology associated with water, has chosen “Evolution Water” and has decided to assimilate “Evolution Water’s” technology into the company’s systems and to be Evolution Water’s strategic partner in Israel and, afterwards, throughout the world.


"Evolution Water" CEO Amir Yaar: I am proud to be involved in such a unique strategic business procedure, which constitutes business promise and will enable significantly increased energetic efficiency for both “Mekorot” and the State of Israel in general, via managerial access and supportive worldview in reinforcing environmental quality in Israel and the world by realizing the aspiration “to do more and better – with less effort". I am happy to be included in the winning team that includes “the Evolution Group” and “Mekorot” led by Mekorot CEO, Mr. Eli Cohen and Mr. Motti Shiri, Engineering and Technology VP at Mekorot and to be a partner in a procedure that will generate a global revolution in management streamlining and increased strategic efficiency of the infrastructures in the country, using artificial intelligence.”


 For the first time, an Israeli technological group in the artificial intelligence field has managed to establish and lead a pioneering venture in the water infrastructures field, which will develop, promote, manage and commercialize technologies for electricity economies in the drinking, effluent and reclaimed water carrier systems. Mekorot has chosen "Evolution Water” from the “Evolution Networks” Group, to be the company and technology for executing increased energetic efficiency in its systems. “Mekorot,” the Israeli national water corporation, expected to increase efficiency and reduce its electricity costs by 10-18 percent gradually. Reference is to annual costs of NIS 800-900 million, comprising about 10% of the State of Israel’s annual electricity consumption cost.

The parent company, "Evolution Networks," (www.evolution-networks.com is the first Israeli startup in which, together with General Electric, the Energy Division of Berkshire Hathaway invested (Warren Buffet) in 2015 and, two years ago, strategic investors from Japan and Hong Kong also joined them. The subsidiary “Evolution Water,” focuses on plotting and implementing artificial wisdom-based strategic increased energetic efficiency for countries by assimilating it into the water infrastructures and is part of the group’s strategic perception of establishing various ventures in the various infrastructure fields, together with international strategic partners. In addition to the water field, the group leads project in electricity, mobile and datacenter fields and additional ventures in development.

The water arena has become a center of discussion and interest in the infrastructures field because of the ongoing climate crisis and global warming, in the wake of which experts fear that, in the future, there will not be sufficient water for the global population. Water economics and water, air and electricity resource economies were defined in the Paris Agreement, the international treaty (that was established in November 2015 and, which, recently, the new President, Joe Biden, declared the US would readopt), as essential for continued existence on planet Earth. “Evolution Water” has unique technological capabilities and the revolutionary applications that it has developed, enable total management of the countrie’s water systems. “Mekorot” has chosen to be “Evolution Water’s” first strategic customer, as well as to invest in a joint company.

Amir Yaar, “Evolution Water’s” CEO, is a highly experienced international entrepreneur, who leads a number of technological companies: “The capabilities of the unique technology together with the appreciated strategic cooperation with “Mekorot” will, for the first time, enable deployment and expansion to a global level and adopting solutions and advantages by governments and government water corporations throughout the world. We will strive to attain increased energetic efficiency and improved environmental, national and global safety, an additional contribution of Israel to the world that reinforces its status as "an environment nation” and not only as “a startup nation.”

Yaar adds that because of monitoring and processing a database that is considered as superior, such as that weighs and integrates the activity of interfaced systems, understanding the patterns and predication of the big-data is translated for substantially increasing energetic efficiency - "Evolution Water"’s system studies and can study activity templates of the national water corporations in every country and executes optimization of the components in the database: Switching off according to consumption, decreasing loads at the data centers, directing activity during emergencies and other developments according to need. The system executes optimization after the charting stage, in order to trace patterns and predict them in advance.

According to Yaar, in accordance with the expectations of the research entities and experts – the global demand for water will increase by tens of percentage points by 2030 in comparison with the ability for an optimal supply at present (especially in the undeveloped continents and countries). The understanding that improving water productivity and other trends in the field such as an increased supply are expected to provide a solution and supplement half of the shortfall, is seeping into the cognition of decision-makers. It is also clear to anyone involved in the matter that the remaining half will come from an investment in infrastructures, reform in water policy and developing new technologies and management capabilities including the assistance of artificial intelligence.

He adds, “I am happy to be a part of the winning team that includes “the Evolution Group” and “Mekorot” led by Mekorot CEO, Eli Cohen and Mr. Motti Shiri Engineering and Technology VP and to be a partner in a procedure that will generate a global revolution of management streamlining and increased strategic efficiency in the infrastructures in the country using artificial intelligence".

Without an increase and significant development of increased efficiency and management in the global water infrastructures field, a significant global strategic challenge expected in view of the following trends:

  • Global warming at an average additional temperature of at least 2-3 degrees Celsius
  • Rapid population growth, primarily in Asia
  • Climatic changes and pollution and their effect on rainfall cycles
  • The need to continue investing in water infrastructures and prevent the erosion of existing water infrastructures and the need to renew them including preventing leaks and loss of water in the dams and distribution system
  • A substantial increase in the entire desalinization issue
  • Challenges that humanity is facing following the Covid 19 virus pandemic

"Evolution Water's" algorithm analyzes the gamut of the water systems activity holistically, while assimilating the “brain” into the brain of the existing complex and heavy systems. The system executes management and commercial optimization after the charting stage, traces patterns and predicts them in advance. Such capabilities enable new standards in all associated with managing water infrastructure systems etc.

This transaction is accompanied by Deloitte Israel and by Atty. at Law Ziv  Preis from the Lipa Meir Law Offices.


 Photo Avner Zarfati