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I had the privilege to moderate a panel on the topic of “The Shoah, Strength, and Fulfillment” as part of the “Women in Zionism” conference organized by the World Zionist Committee. The panel was held on January 27, 2019, international Holocaust memorial day, and its unique composition bolstered the importance of the event, designed to be a key addition to the activities focused on preserving awareness of the Holocaust: We Remember.

During my opening remarks, I emphasized the ethical obligation on all of us to do everything possible to remember and remind others of the awful tragedy that befell our brethren during the Holocaust, people whose only “sin” was being Jewish. This ethical obligation is gradually becoming an existential need, in light of growing anti-Semitism, and proliferation of Holocaust-deniers. Moreover, we face continuous threats from terrorist organizations and hostile nations calling for the destruction of Israel.

In this dangerous reality, it is incumbent upon us to always remember and educate our youth about what happened so that these tragic events will never be repeated. Along with this, we must memorialize the courageous acts of the many who risked their lives to save others from the clutches of the Nazis. And of course we can’t forget the achievement of the dream of creating a Jewish state, the great victory of establishing Israel and the continued achievements of fulfilling the Jewish dream of 2000 years.

Speaking on the panel were:

Mr. Yaakov Hagoel - Deputy Chairman of the World Zionist Organization

Mrs. Rachel Pinkas - Survivor

Mrs. Magda Watts - Survivor

Mrs. Devora Weinstein - Survivor

Shaked Tubis - Student at the “Chen” Young Ambassadors school

Tal Zeidman - Student at the “Chen” Young Ambassadors school

Sheli Naziri - Student at the “Chen” Young Ambassadors school

Mr. Hagoel noted that it took years before the 60th United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution promoting Holocaust education, and emphasized that Holocaust education is all the more important today, in the face of rising antisemitism around the world.



Sheli wrote about the experiences of women during the Holocaust and how they different from that of men, and the approach since the 1990s to understanding these distinctions. She explained that although it might seem that everyone was treated the same in the Holocaust, even under such conditions women faced additional challenges, like having to undergo “selections” while naked; pregnancies and miscarriages in terribly un-hygienic situations, etc.

Shelly told Diplomacy: “I, Shelly Naziri, 10th grade, study at the “Chen” Young Ambassadors school in Petah Tiqva under Rachel Amrani. On international Holocaust memorial day, I took part in a panel of women that was organized by the World Zionist Federation in Eilat. There were women representing most of the cultures in Israel. On the panel, I spoke about the difficulties that women faced during the Holocaust, and I raised awareness about this topic in contemporary times. During my research I learned that some women refused to give up on their feminity even during these times, saving or improvising for things like hairbrushes and makeup. I was surprised to find that until recently even survivors themselves didn’t pay the subject much notice. They didn’t think that the topic merited attention relative to the other difficulties of the Holocaust.

For me, participating in this panel, and telling of the awful experiences that Jewish women faced then, was a privilege to help tell this important story to my peers.

Tal Zaidman from the Migdalor project said “I chose to speak of a heroine from that period, Hannah Szenes, a poet and playwright whose life was cut short due to her brave acts during the war. She was a woman who loved life, but her dedication to her ideals lead her actions. This is the eternal message, to go out and do, to fulfill the goals that we set for ourselves.

Shaked Tubis explained how important it is that we work to achieve our dreams and to take advantage of the fact that we can decide our own fate and make our own decisions, unlike those who went through the Holocaust and didn’t have such a privilege.

In conclusion, it’s difficult to comprehend the deep emotions of the audience and participants when they heard the personal stories of the survivors, who detailed in stirring simplicity the events they had to go through for being born Jewish. Likewise, when the youth presented their projects and research, and especially their commitment to preserving the stories and memories of our people. All that’s left is to say with a clear voice that we will do all that we can to ensure that the memory of the Holocaust will remain forever as an eternal witness for the world. Never Again.

By: Rachel Amrani

Photo Credit: "Chen" Young Ambassadors School





Thousands of people gathered today at Expo Tel Aviv for Cybertech 2019. The event will continue in the next two days, with the participation of hundreds of high-profile speakers addressing the conference and hundreds of leading companies showcasing their technologies at the exhibition. A glimpse into the first day

Cybertech 2019, the largest event in Israel and the largest cyber technology event outside the US, opened its gates on Monday for the sixth consecutive year. The event features three days of fascinating discussions, panels, speeches, and seminars on the various aspects of the cyber realm.

The event, held at Expo Tel Aviv on January 28-30, brings together leading decision-makers, government officials, C-level executives, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and thousands of visitors from around the world under one roof.

This year, Cybertech Tel Aviv welcomes guests and delegations from over 70 countries worldwide, including the US, the UK, Australia, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Switzerland, Ghana, France, Portugal, Italy, Hong Kong, German, Nigeria, India, China, and more.

As in previous years, one of the primary features of Cybertech Tel Aviv is the massive exhibition participated by hundreds of global companies and organizations. Among these industry-leading companies, this year are IBM, Microsoft, RSA, Check Point, CyberArk, Amazon, Dell-EMC, Deloitte, Symantec, OPSWAT, FireEye, Intuit, Cyberbit, Rafael, IAI, KPMG, Cybereason, PwC, SOMPO, and many more.

Also taking part in the exhibition are leading Israeli entities such as the Israel National Cyber Directorate, Mossad, IDF’s 8200 Unit, Israel Police’s National Cybercrime Unit, Israel Innovation Authority, the Israel Electric Corp., and others.

Throughout the three-day event, several seminars and special events will be held, diving into to the effects of the cyber revolution on different aspects of our lives. Two of these seminars were held today. The first was “Cyber Robustness: Hygiene, Awareness, and Readiness.” In this session, panelists and speakers discussed the need of having a routine cyber hygiene procedure in place for computers and software, as well as the role of humans and awareness that is necessary in order to keep entities, and even states, safe.

Among the professionals leading the event were Prof. Eviatar Matania, Founder and former Director General of the INCD; Meir Hayun, Head of Israel’s Child Online Protection Bureau; Orit Tatarsky, Director, Professional Training, Awareness & Human Capital, INCD; Zori Kor, Vice President, ASERO Consulting Services; and more.



Another special event held on the first day of Cybertech 2019 was the CyberMed seminar, which dealt with cyber threats and challenges in the medical sector. Participants included Roni Zehavi, Co-Founder of Cyberspark and President of Global Epic; Kapil Assudani, CISO at Edwards Lifesciences; Prof. Yoram Weiss, Director of Hadassah University Hospital; Eliav Noori, Guidance Manager at Israel Cyber National Directorate; Itzik Feiglevitch, Product Manager - IoT Cyber Security at Check Point; Prof. Amos Katz, Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences at Ben Gurion University; and more

Cybertech Tel Aviv 2019 will run through January 30. Stay tuned to find out more

Cybertech Tel Aviv
Cybertech Tel Aviv Conference & Exhibition, the largest cyber event outside the United States, will be held for the sixth consecutive year on January 28-30, 2019. Cybertech TLV is the premier meeting place for cybersecurity and technology solutions and innovations from around the world. Among the speakers, exhibitors and attendees include heads of state, cyber industry leaders, academics, and technology experts.

Conference Website >

Registration >

Photo: Gilad Kavalerchik





The memorial was established in the Israel-Argentina Friendship Park in Ben Shemen Forest, next to the monuments commemorating the 1994 and 1992 terror attacks in Buenos Aires

This morning, on the 4th anniversary of his tragic death, Israel’s largest Jewish-environmental organization, Keren Kayemet L’Israel-Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) unveiled the monument built in Alberto Nisman’s honor in a formal ceremony with officials from both Israel and Argentina.

Nisman was appointed Chief Investigator of the 1994 car bombing against the Israel Argentina Mutual Association (AMIA) which killed 85 people, making it the worst terrorist attack in Argentina’s history and the worst attack against Jews since the Holocaust.

On January 18, 2015, Nisman was found dead just one day before he was scheduled to report on his findings on the attack. His death led to public protests in Argentina and drew vast international attention.

Over 300 attendees from both Argentina and throughout the state of Israel gathered at the event to commemorate Nisman’s memory and his courageous efforts to bring those behind the AMIA terror attack to justice. Among those attending the ceremony were: Nisman’s mother, Sara Garfunkel; Knesset Chairman, MK Yuli Edelstein; Argentinean Ambassador to Israel, H.E. Mr. Mariano Caucino; KKL-JNF Vice Chairman, Mr. Hernán Felman; AMIA President, Mr. Agustin Zbar; and DAIA President Jorge Knoblovits.

The monument in memory of Alberto Nisman was built by KKL-JNF and KKL Argentina in the Israel-Argentina Friendship Park, next to the memorial built in honor of those killed in the 1994 car bombing of the AMIA building in Buenos Aires and the 1992 suicide bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Argentina.

KKL-JNF Vice Chairman, Hernán Felman thanked the many KKL-JNF team members responsible for planning the event, who worked with dedication and commitment to make the event possible. Regarding the unresolved investigation of the AMIA bombing, he said that “Evil will not prevail, evil would prevail if we were to forget this tragic event; and that is why we are here, to commemorate Nisman’s memory and the memory of those lost.

“The malicious minds that tried to kill us found out, to their disappointment, that we had only gotten stronger. We will keep strengthening Israel’s defense and the protection of our brothers in the diaspora – the blood of our blood. They are there for us in quiet times and in crisis, and we are here for them. When we stand together, there is nothing in the world that can take us.”



Knesset Chairman, MK Yuli Edelstein expressed that today Alberto Nisman’s name is widely known, and spoke of his courageous quest towards the truth.There are those that are afraid of the truth. Those that will do everything to hide it, but the truth is rooted deeply in the ground. Just like the trees we planted today, it has deep roots. Nisman was a brilliant attorney, dedicated to his family, and more than anything he was a man of truth.

“All those who come to the beautiful forest planted by the KKL-JNF, all those who visit the monument we established for Alberto Nisman will remember that all the attempts at attacking the Jewish people and destroying the state of Israel will not succeed. Because the truth will rise from the roots of the earth.”

Argentinean Ambassador to Israel, H.E. Mariano Caucino reaffirmed Argentina’s commitment to exposing the truth in the case of AMIA and in the case of the death of Nisman,Today we commemorate the memory of the federal persecutor of Argentina who was responsible for investigating the worst terrorist attack in the history of Argentina, and the worst attack against the Jewish people since the Holocaust. Nisman dedicated the last years of his life to find the truth but death stopped him short from bringing the case to justice.”

AMIA President, Agustin Igdal Zbar called for swift action regarding the AMIA bombing investigation and bringing the Iranian suspects to be tried in Argentinian court for the 1994 terror attack that has yet to be brought to justice. He mentioned also the ceremony in Nisman’s memory and said that “It is no coincidence that Israel has answered the call of establishing such a memorial in Nisman’s honor, as we hold the same values and the country is always there for us. Even before the establishment of the state of Israel, we have had strong ties with this nation, as we were part of the state’s founding.

“At this time I’d like to thank KKL-JNF, that established this incredibly important monument in Israel, and this memorial in the middle of the forest, which is something unique to Israel. The significance is even greater since we will be celebrating Tu Bishvat soon, which is the New Year for the trees.”

DAIA President, Ariel Cohen Sabban noted the special meaning of this event occurring in Israel, as the Jewish state has always stood in solidarity alongside Argentina on the journey to uncover the truth. He added that “This July will mark 25 years since the AMIA bombing which has yet been brought to justice. We must advance this investigation to truly honor the memories of those killed in the attack.”



Nisman’s mother, Sara Garfunkel acknowledged the recognition given to her son with a few words, “I would like to warmly thank the Keren Kayemet for establishing this monument, I needed this honor for my son. I thank the state of Israel, KKL-JNF, Argentina’s ambassador in Israel and everyone else that contributed to making this memorial possible.”


Photos by Silvia G. Golan






Yad Vashem and Facebook Israel have joined together in a project to promote Holocaust commemoration on social media. The Holocaust Remembrance Project will honor victims of the Holocaust with two unique activities: "The IRemember Wall" created especially for International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and "Unto Each Person There is a Story" to be implemented this May.

Yad Vashem's "IRemember Wall," being launched tomorrow, will allow Facebook users to share the identity of a Jewish victim from Yad Vashem's Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names. The Names Database will also be used to provide information for "Unto Each Person There is a Story," a new Facebook Story initiative to be launched for Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Over the last 65 years, Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center, has been dedicated to restoring the identities and honor the memories of the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust.

"Yad Vashem works tirelessly to ensure that the memory of the Holocaust is relevant and constant, while facing the challenge of its global dissemination," states Yad Vashem Chairman Avner Shalev. "Therefore, we maintain an active presence on social media, today's platforms for contemporary discourse. The new joint project with Facebook Israel will allow the broader public to connect with the names and stories of the Jews murdered during the Holocaust and enable those who wish to express their commitment to Holocaust Remembrance to do so in a simple and timely way."

"As we commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we dedicate ourselves to turning personal memory into a collective one," says Adi Soffer Teeni, Facebook Israel Country Director. "Through the use of technology, we can each connect with the name and the story of one victim of the Shoah. As "ambassadors of memory," we have the responsibility to keep their memory alive and relevant for future generations to reflect upon and learn from. Our new cooperation with Yad Vashem will ensure just that."

 ■ "The IRemember Wall"

Running 24-29 January 2019 to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day, "The IRemember Wall" provides a unique opportunity for the wider public to engage in an interactive commemorative activity.  Participants will be randomly matched with one of the men, women or children recorded in Yad Vashem's Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names. To date, the Database commemorates some 4,800,000 names of Jews murdered during the Holocaust. The name of the participant, together with the name of the Holocaust victim they are matched with, will be added to Yad Vashem's virtual "IRemember Wall" and can then be shared on the participant's Facebook page.

■ "Unto Each Person, There is a Story"

The second phase of the Holocaust Remembrance Project will be launched in May 2019 in time for Israel's national Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day. "Unto Each Person, There is a Story" is a new initiative consisting of dedicated "Facebook Stories" drawn from the millions of victims recorded in Yad Vashem's Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names. The stories of Holocaust victims may then, in turn, be shared with the world via Facebook.

Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center, was established in 1953.

Located in Jerusalem, it is dedicated to Holocaust commemoration, documentation, research and education. 


 Facebook  Yad Vashem: World Holocaust Center, Jerusalem

Photo Yad Vashem


CyberTech 2019: Global Cyber Summit


Not just cyber security – The 2019 CyberTech Summit, which will be held at the end of the month, will bring together representatives from major international companies with Israeli and international executives.


Primary Speaker: PM Benjamin Netanyahu


Other speakers: Yigal Unna, Director General of Israeli National Cyber Directorate

; Gil Shwed, Check Point founder; Prime Minister of Lithuania; David J. Blumberg, Founder & Partner of Blumberg Capital; Wang Kang, from the Alibaba Group; Technology Executives from IBM; Microsoft; Deloitte and other major companies from around the world.


Topics which will be covered:

  • Cyber and the elections.
  • Cyber revolution in medicine, cyber and aviation (With dozens of airports and airlines participating)
  • Round table about preparation for the era of Internet of Things (IOT), led by Nati Cohen, director general, Ministry of Communications.

January 28th-30th | Expo Center Tel-Aviv


CyberTech 2019, the largest cyber technology summit in Israel and the largest Cyber summit outside of the U.S., will be held at the end of the month at the Tel-Aviv Expo Center, on January 28th-30th, 2019, with hundreds of participating companies from Israel and abroad, in buildings 1 and 2 at the Expo Center.


Thousands of visitors from around the world will arrive in Israel for the event, that constitutes a unique meeting point for decision-makers, government officials, industry executives, entrepreneurs, major Venture Capital funds, investors, and advanced research centers.


The event focuses on the broad aspects of the cyber revolution and how it affects our daily lives- Health, Career, Transportation, Economy, Judicial, and Consumers etc. Alongside the popular cyber-attack topic, Cloud technology, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computers, will be exhibited at the convention.    


The unique topics that will be covered at the summit are: cyber in medicine, cyber and aviation (with dozens of airports and airlines participating), cyber and the elections and more. Nati Cohen, director general, Ministry of Communications, will lead a round table about preparation for the era of IOT. In addition, one hundred start-ups will take part in the convention next to many companies from Israel and abroad.


Amongst the speakers in the morning of 29.1.19, PM Benjamin Netanyahu and top international executives from the cyber, business, technology and government industries, including: Yigal Unna, Director General of Israeli National Cyber Directorate; Aharon Aharon, CEO of Israel Innovation Authority; Gil Shwed, Check Point Founder & CEO; Dr. Dorit Dor, Vice President of R&D at Check Point; Dr. Orna Berry, Vice President at Dell EMC; Wang Kang, Security Specialist from Alibaba Group; David J. Blumberg, Founder of Blumberg Capital; Udi Mokady, Chairman & CEO of CyberArk; Ehud Schneerson, Brig. General of 8200 intelligence unit; Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan, CTO at RSA; Mark Anthony Thomas, VP of Economic Development for NYC; Prof. Dieter Kempf, President of BDI; Diana Kelley, Cybersecurity Field CTO for Microsoft; Dr. Sridhar Muppidi, Senior Vice President of Technology at IBM; Erel Margalit, JVP Founder; Nadav Zafrir, Brig. General (in reserves), Team 8 founder and former 8200 unit commander and more.


In addition to the main summit, other unique events and debates will be held, about how the cyber revolution has affected our reality, including:


Cyber Hygiene – is a relatively new term in the industry but will no doubt become key in the near future. Cyber Hygiene is composed from the applying of precaution steps by the user and verifying that their systems work correctly and safely, so that their information is well protected.


Cyber and Aviation – The importance of finding solutions for the many weaknesses found in the aviation industry and the key role which cyber plays when preparing a defensive strategy, the tools we have today and the innovative developments in airports which have become targets for cyber-attacks.


Cyber-Med – The cyber influence on the medical industry is expanding, the summit will discuss the challenges affecting the industry and the techniques needed, to handle cyber-attacks on medical centers.


Naval Arena in the Cyber Era – As part of the specific event, a discussion about the ways of coping with cyber-attacks aimed at the industrial infrastructure on which whole industries rely on.


Cyber in the Infrastructure – A discussion about the existing solutions for protection of critical infrastructures, focusing on Israel's Electric Company, featuring Iftach Ron Tal General (in reserves), The Electric Company Chairman.


Communication in the IOT Era – A round table, led by Nati Cohen Brig. Gen. (in reserves), Ministry of Communications CEO. The round table will focus on various subjects such as: media, mobile, local government, companies and organizations who focus on Smart Cities and more.


8200 Unit's Secrets - The famed IDF unit under the microscope, the secrets behind the successful unit, the success of the unit's alumni and their integration into key positions in the high-tech industry, cooperating with 8200-unit alumni association headed by Nir Lampert.


The Financial World in the Cyber Era – The effects of the cyber world on the treasury and technology. The event will hold a round table with experts and key figures from the industry and government, from around the world, who will discuss and dissect the effects of cyber in the financial arena. Amongst the participants,  Yaniv Harel, CEO of Cyber Solutions for DELL EMC.


A convention will take place along with the summit, where hundreds of experienced companies and start-ups will showcase their innovations. Amongst the exhibitors: The Mossad, 8200 Unit, Israel Police Lahav 433 Unit, The Innovation Authority, Check Point, CyberArk, IBM, RSA, Microsoft, Dell-EMC, Deloitte, Cybereason, Symantec, OPSWAT, FireEye, Intuit, Cyber Beat, Rafael, Aviation Industry, KPMG, PWC, SOMPO and hundreds more.

Summit Website Link | Updated and Complete List of Speakers Link|

Summit Schedule Link | Side Events at the Summit Link