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Israel-US investor visas

The procedure will be implemented as of May 1, 2019, and will be mutually applied to US investors in Israel and Israeli investors in the United States.

 In conjunction with the US legislation of 2012 in which the granting of investor visas to Israeli citizens investing in the US was resolved, the Government of Israel has decided, in accordance with Israeli government Resolution 1528 from 30 March 2014 and Resolution 2243 from January 2017 to permit US citizens, including vital workers on their behalf and their families, to reside and work in Israel on a temporary basis for the purpose of managing and developing a business venture.


After detailed interministerial preparation that encompassed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Population and Immigration Authority, the Ministry of Economy-the Foreign Trade Administration, the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Justice, the procedure for implementing government resolutions enabling US citizens to apply for an investor visa in Israel was completed. The application will be considered by an interministerial committee, which will submit its recommendations for the approval of the Minister of the Interior.


The application may be submitted to the consul in any of Israel's official diplomatic missions in the United States that hosts a commercial attaché attached to the Ministry of Economy and Industry: Washington, New York, Houston, and San Francisco.


At the same time, Israeli investors may submit an application for a US investor visa at any US embassy. (Details may be found on the US Embassy website in Israel).


The announcement represents a significant milestone for businesses and companies alike. The investor visas in both countries will ease restrictions and encourage economic activity between the two countries.


As agreed with the United States, the procedure will be implemented as of Wednesday, May 1 2019, and will be mutually applied to US investors in Israel and Israeli investors in the United States.